A rather baffling Tamilian (Sri Lankan Tamil) pop artist who in some pictures looks rather cute while in others looks like a brown ghetto fabulous Michael Jackson.
confused guy: So is M.I.A. a hottie or a tranny? I can't tell!
by Da well-endowed Poonjabi October 14, 2008
A Drum n bass dj collective started in 2006 by alfonz de la mota and m1d1, this is the largest drum n bass collective in the united states and has members all over america.
M.I.A. murda in america drum n bass djs
by ALFONZ DE LA MOTA January 18, 2009
title used to describe a poop that slipped into the hole at the bottom of the toilet and is not visable.
Mike:Dude, I took a monster shit today. I really wish i had saw it.
Tom: Why didn't you?
Mike:Well i got up to look and i was pissed because it was an MIA.

Tom: Damn!
by Joey Wilaz February 16, 2011
It's pronounced Miya.
Substitute teacher is doing attendance, calls out Mia (pronouncing it mee-a)
Mia yells out, "It's pronounced My-a"
by ConroyJames October 21, 2013
Mia is actually the coolest person ever. She is really nice and pretty too. She is smart and intelligent and always knows when to crack a joke. She is so caring and loving and generous. Everyone loves a Mia.
Wow! That Mia girl is soo cool! i want to be just like her.
by Dancerr101 November 18, 2010
Missing In Action
:whatever happend to Mia?

:Oh she was caught up in some urban combat in Iraq and is MIA until further notice.
: Hope she is KIA

: Kia cars suck.
by ice-Tea bag January 22, 2010
A stupid bitch who lives in Matawan,NJ and loves black cocks.Her sassy attitude will make you want to cut yourself and vomit. She thinks she's fine as fuck but she's just a chunky little fat legged whore who likes running all the fucking time.The reason why she runs so much must be to attract those fucking black pimps like her boyfriend who she thinks is so lovely but he's just another black dude that's here to abuse her stupid cunt ass. All she does is brag about how much she loves him and how caring he is but i'm sure she just wants his big black dick. Poor boy having to even date such a retarded and horrible bitch. He should just lynch her upside down by her fat thighs, while she cries about her worthless bimbo life and complains about everything that's wrong with it, Like cutting little bitch she is.
Mia: AHH look at him, he's so cute

Common Sense Guy: Seriously Mia, go back to cutting yourself or just die stupid whore.
by Julia Grivas October 22, 2014

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