Missing In Action
:whatever happend to Mia?

:Oh she was caught up in some urban combat in Iraq and is MIA until further notice.
: Hope she is KIA

: Kia cars suck.
by ice-Tea bag January 22, 2010
Mia is actually the coolest person ever. She is really nice and pretty too. She is smart and intelligent and always knows when to crack a joke. She is so caring and loving and generous. Everyone loves a Mia.
Wow! That Mia girl is soo cool! i want to be just like her.
by Dancerr101 November 18, 2010
In Australia the term M.I.A. refers to the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area. A region of vineyards, orchards and ricefields around Griffith where the influence of Hollywood and north American ideas is not so pervasive.
weather forecaster - a cool dry day is predicted for the southern Riverina and M.I.A.
by Roderick Myer July 31, 2006
a sexy,bold and out-going girl; irresistably attractive, and has a tendency to to make comments that do not make sense, but everyone enjoys having her spontaneous energy around them. They thribe off of her bubbly and irresistable character. because of her beauty and funky spirit, males tend to go crazy in her presence. they desparetly worship her godess body and hilarious personality.
usually a middle-heighted girl, pretty eyes, model shaped, creative, and athletic, she succeeds at all. mia is a well rounded being. whether its sports, art, music, or love, mia takes first prize.
you did amazing! i think you just pulled a mia.

Wow, mia looks extremely sexy.
When does she not?

of corse mia would say something crazy like that

did you see mias booty today?
i couldn't stop staring.
by qazwsxedcrfvtgbyhnujmikolpppp February 13, 2011
A skinny white girl with red OR brunette hair. very crazzyy and annoying.
person one: What's wrong with that chick?

person two: That's Mia.

person three: Ohh.
by The bitch she hates April 21, 2010
Short for bulimia, which is an eating disorder normally characterized by binge eating, followed by vomiting.
Mia is making me sick, so I may start hanging out with Ana for awhile.
by Angie Pangie September 18, 2005
A slang term for the eating disorder bulimia nervosa. "Mias" often wear a purple bracelet as a symbol of solidarity.
I have a friend who is mia.
by Ophelia November 11, 2003

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