she is so beautiful! She has beautiful eyes which almost lit up. she is really fun, and most people who meet her love her right away .. she's a very creative person who makes every thing fun. Mia is AWSOME!

She got Swag!
by swaggerjaggerlikeme December 05, 2011
Abbreviation for Miami
"She was reppin MIA" and/or "I come from MIA"
by Gi Gi February 26, 2005
A pretty girl that sleeps with everyone, has gorgeous eyes and a great sense of humor. But idk how many guys that girl has fucked i mean its a number so big most people can't count that high.
Damn did u you see mia, yeah shes hot but a total whore
by Mghg December 03, 2014
A mean, jealous girl who will ditch her bestfriend for her crush. Unloyal and untrustworthy.
Don't be a Mia..
by youkansque March 08, 2015
Girl who seems quite shy and quiet when you first meet her but goes crazy when out on the town. She secretly loves to party and will flirt and dance with all the guys she can find. She likes shopping and has a good taste in fashion. She is quite a clever girl when she tries hard. She likes to relax by partying or having some fresh cream.
Boy: Hey, who's that girl over there? She seems quiet.
Girl: Oh, that's my friend Mia - she's not quiet at all.

Girl: I wish I was a Mia
Boy: She definitely knows how to party
by Anonymous3207 January 05, 2012
Masturbator in action
We regret to inform you that your son is M.I.A..
by quit it and hit it August 26, 2010
A girl who on the outside is innocent and sweet. A cool friend. Until she tells you. She is really evil on the inside. The sweet smile and innocent eyes are a cover up. Run from Mia. Save yourself bwfire she comes after you. Whatever you do... don't let her know the true reason. You never knkw what she might do.
Hey Mia, I think we need a break from being friends. I just need time to focus on my work.
by eyes_open July 12, 2014

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