An amazingly beautiful mexican girl that has a contagious perfect smile that can light up your world and has the power to make you fall in love , a girl that can change your life forever and change your perspective on life, is loyal, a girl to die for, and has a perfect body and a big ass booty
GOT DAMN! That girl is a mia! Look at that booty and the pefect face and body to go with it!!!
by Theallmightyy21 April 07, 2015
Mia is a very OK gal. She has a super 100% boyfriend at all times and most recently she has started dating honorary nig Braedon. Now let me tell you about Braedon, he is a sweet a$$ thug and leaves all the girls in the dust. Just kidding Mia is pretty great.
Wow did you see Mia?!
Yeah her boyfriend is hot!

Mia is #1 qt
I know right but Braedon!
by notMia April 04, 2015
Sometimes cool and fun to be around but sometimes very rude. May talk about you behind your back.
Lappy: U were just sad what happened
Happy: I was just with mia
by sexy.bitch.27 March 10, 2015
Abbreviation for Miami
"She was reppin MIA" and/or "I come from MIA"
by Gi Gi February 26, 2005
Girl who seems quite shy and quiet when you first meet her but goes crazy when out on the town. She secretly loves to party and will flirt and dance with all the guys she can find. She likes shopping and has a good taste in fashion. She is quite a clever girl when she tries hard. She likes to relax by partying or having some fresh cream.
Boy: Hey, who's that girl over there? She seems quiet.
Girl: Oh, that's my friend Mia - she's not quiet at all.

Girl: I wish I was a Mia
Boy: She definitely knows how to party
by Anonymous3207 January 05, 2012
(Masturbation Induced Arthritis) An acute inflamation and/or repetetive motion injury in the wrist and forearms, caused by severe repetetive self pleasuring masturbatory episodes. Usually occurs in teenage to young adult males.

Severe cases require patient to avoid any and all sexual stimulation. Very often mistaken or misdiagnosed as carpal tunnel syndrome or tendenitus, or tennis elbow.
I can't play hockey today cuz my "M.I.A." is acting up.
by handydandypandy August 01, 2011
Masturbator in action
We regret to inform you that your son is M.I.A..
by quit it and hit it August 26, 2010

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