she is a crazy wild person. she will always make you laugh. people with the name mia tend to have the nicest eye colour. she is very imaginative and will make a joke from anything you say.
'my cat imaginary has gone missing'

the word mia means she will always be making you laugh
by louloumia May 09, 2015
she is so beautiful! She has beautiful eyes which almost lit up. she is really fun, and most people who meet her love her right away .. she's a very creative person who makes every thing fun. Mia is AWSOME!

She got Swag!
by swaggerjaggerlikeme December 05, 2011
Means, Missing In Action
also known as the self proclaimed M.I.A pop sensation who sings Paper planes
Dude where is that guy?
hes honestly M.I.A man
by cheldon August 08, 2008
Trick gon'let the band deal with this, MIA style mo'fucka
by The Frenchy October 11, 2003
A beautiful, awesome, sexy friend who is always there! Rebellious but with a huge heart. Anyone is lucky to have a Mia!
Guy: OMG do you see that girl over there? Totally hot.
Other guy: yeah I know she's totally a Mia! So fit.
by Xxsianylol May 26, 2015
If you ever meet a Mia in your life, keep her by your side. She is a fun, loving and caring person. She may be shy at first once you meet her, but once you get to know her she will show you her funny, outgoing side of her! She will usually say things that don't make sense, and can be kinda clumsy at times. Mia's usually have a big heart, but if you mess with her or her feelings she will tear down or just get very upset, she usually has lots of feelings but some people will take her for granted sometimes. She is usually very nice, if you are the same. Be her best friend, she is usually funny and you will always have a good time around her kind of energy. She will tend to break down when going through a break-up. She will give you really good advice if you are feeling down at times. Mia's tend to be very cute and attractive, there personality is one of the best things about them, if you ever come in contact with a Mia, make sure to keep her because, she may just change your life one day, and if you date her, keep her, she's a keeper.
Guy: Hey is that Mia?
Girl: Yup! shes pretty cool
by maveywavey24 June 08, 2016
If you ever meet a mia in your life consider yourself blessed. She is a beautiful young lady who is very intelligent, funny, loving, and caring...You should consider getting a mia in your life and marrying her or you'll regret it..
Yo bro who's that girl? You don't know her?that's mia she's bad right?!!
by MysteriousGyal March 03, 2016
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