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An amazing name,I you ever find a Mia you better keep her,girls with the name Mia usually have a great personality and perfect figure and eyes. Mia's will help you get though things thy might bring you down,so I you find a Mia treat her right.
You:I'd love to meet a Mia

Me:you should
by Princess_hollie July 24, 2014
A beautiful girl who is always caring and is always smiling and never gets mad. She is verry kind and has the prettiest smile. She always makes funny jokes and everyone laughs back. You would be verry lucky to date Mia.
That girls so mia, all the boys want her.
by Patricia The Princess April 30, 2014
A girl who on the outside is innocent and sweet. A cool friend. Until she tells you. She is really evil on the inside. The sweet smile and innocent eyes are a cover up. Run from Mia. Save yourself bwfire she comes after you. Whatever you do... don't let her know the true reason. You never knkw what she might do.
Hey Mia, I think we need a break from being friends. I just need time to focus on my work.
by eyes_open July 12, 2014
Following the Super Bowl 46 halftime show antics by the singer of the same name, M.I.A. is a polite way to describe someone flipping someone else off.
Taylor was tired after a long day in the cube, so when her boss approached her about a drink after work she simply said "M.I.A." and went home.
by ciisteve February 06, 2012
Abbreviation for Miami
"She was reppin MIA" and/or "I come from MIA"
by Gi Gi February 26, 2005
Another Word To Confuse People With Instead Of Mum
My Mia's on the fone
by CookieeCrumbs. January 19, 2009
(Masturbation Induced Arthritis) An acute inflamation and/or repetetive motion injury in the wrist and forearms, caused by severe repetetive self pleasuring masturbatory episodes. Usually occurs in teenage to young adult males.

Severe cases require patient to avoid any and all sexual stimulation. Very often mistaken or misdiagnosed as carpal tunnel syndrome or tendenitus, or tennis elbow.
I can't play hockey today cuz my "M.I.A." is acting up.
by handydandypandy August 01, 2011