Missing In Action.
Also a serious of Chuck Norris movies during Vietnam.
The air crew was declared M.I.A. after their plane was shot down in the jungle.
by Random Rogue December 08, 2005
Also known as Miami International Airport. The leading gateway to South and Latin America. And the Carribean in the world.
American Airlines Hub.
( Captain) Okay ladies and Gentelmen we will be landing in MIA shortly thanks for flying with us.
by HA MIami August 09, 2005
Mia! Theirs alot about Mia that you'll love... She's funny, beautiful, smart, loves soccer, talented ect... If you meet Mia you will fall in love with her eyes, her smile, her laugh, her personality everything! You'll love everything about her!! Shes sooooo cool to hang out with at anytime of day!!! I just let Mia slip right through my hands!!!

(Mia) is Soo sexy
by it's just a name August 11, 2014
The most gorgeous girl in the world. She has sass, but you will come to love her as a person. If you have a Mia, never let go of her. She will love you with all her heart. She's a great kisser and has a big butt also;) But be careful, she falls in love easily and has a hard time dealing with relationship problems. Mia also doesn't realize her inner and outer beauty, so she has a hard time believing you if you call her pretty etc. She has bright blue or green eyes, and can look good with any kind of hair color. She's also a total athlete.
"OMG have you seen her? She's SUCH a Mia!"
by ireallydontcaresobye January 06, 2015
Mia is a wonderful girl. She's beatiful and usually has very pretty eyes. She has a one-of-a-kind personality. She's very funny and a bit crazy at times, but you will love her. She has a tendency to be bad at maintaining relationships, because her trust with guys is terrible. But when she loves someone, she will give her all to that person. She is a very fragile person, who gets hurt very easily. So be careful. She tends too be very sarcastic, but not to the point where she's rude. But she's a very sweet person as well. Mia can have bad self esteem issues, so she rarely accepts compliments because she doesn't believe them..She doesn't realize her real inner and outer beauty. But if you ever have a Mia of your own, be very thankful. She will give you everything she has to make you happy.
"Wow, shes really pretty, no wonder why her name is Mia"
by Jeanpants1234 April 06, 2015
A beautiful girl, that everyone loves! She's so athletic it's unbelievable! Mia is who everyone wants to be friends with! All the boys love her and wanna date her! Mia is so amazing yall should be jealous if you don't have a mia in your life!
Mia is the most perfect girl in the world
by Heyheyheyheyheyhey2002 February 07, 2015
Trick gon'let the band deal with this, MIA style mo'fucka
by The Frenchy October 11, 2003

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