A beautiful name for a beautiful person inside and out. One of the prettiest girl youll ever meet. Mia is an amazing girl and is always there for you. Your very lucky if you ever have a Mia in your life.
They dont get any more amazing then Mia.
by noreload123 February 07, 2011
In Italian, means: 'Mine'
People are having a cinversation in Italian: Cioa, Bella, THAT CARROT IS MIA!!
by Mia Thompson March 13, 2005
A ridiculosly excellent MC. Combines several different types of music and comes up with a shit-load of awsome. Buy the cd!
Me: Hey, did you hear M.I.A.s new single?

Friend: Hell yeah! " I bongo, wit ma lingo, and beat it like i thing yo!"

by NANNI June 25, 2005
Mia is the most perfect girl in the world. She is extremely beautiful, smart, and has a huge heart. I don't know where I would be without her. She will always be there for you and can always make you smile no matter how down you are. If you have a Mia consider yourself the luckiest person in the world. She is an angel on earth but is naughty at the same time.
I am so grateful I have a Mia.
by mango666 December 27, 2012
Missing In Action, meanining when people are at a social gathering and one person that usually hangs with this crowd is not there either because he wasnt answering his phone or he has found a cooler crowd to hang with.
"dude where is johnny? i havent seen him in like a week."
"Yeah man he's M.I.A, no one has seen him in a while, he is never answering his phone and brenda said she saw him hanging out with these other people"
"thats so weird"
by David Guillot August 12, 2008
The hottest chick on the planet. Almost alien-like because they are so naturally beautiful. Very independent and very hard to tie down. Naturally artistic and very honest girl. She will never be seen without looking totally gorgeous, in the raw or gussied up! They have gorgeous hearts and minds to match their stunning looks. If you meet a Mia you will forever be fascinated by her mysterious charisma. Mia is also mine in Italian. So, every man wants one.
That chick is a total Mia!!

I want her to be Mia!/ ( I want her to be mine!)
by hockeyloverz January 19, 2010
One finea$s hunny..HAS TO BE ONE OF THE MOST ORIGINAL MC/SINGER IN THE WORLD. She combines phat beats with unusual lyrics
by Lil Tezz August 04, 2005
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