It's pronounced Miya.
Substitute teacher is doing attendance, calls out Mia (pronouncing it mee-a)
Mia yells out, "It's pronounced My-a"
by ConroyJames October 21, 2013
In Australia the term M.I.A. refers to the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area. A region of vineyards, orchards and ricefields around Griffith where the influence of Hollywood and north American ideas is not so pervasive.
weather forecaster - a cool dry day is predicted for the southern Riverina and M.I.A.
by Roderick Myer July 31, 2006
Short for bulimia, which is an eating disorder normally characterized by binge eating, followed by vomiting.
Mia is making me sick, so I may start hanging out with Ana for awhile.
by Angie Pangie September 18, 2005
A slang term for the eating disorder bulimia nervosa. "Mias" often wear a purple bracelet as a symbol of solidarity.
I have a friend who is mia.
by Ophelia November 11, 2003
Mia is a really fun girl and not like anybody you'll ever meet. she's really shy and secretive, and is different. she'll make you want to pee your pants. and she's usually a freak in bed. she very unforgettable.
boy: woah, do you know that girl?
other boy: yeah, she's soo Mia!
by fangbanger(: January 18, 2010
unless you have/have had/know someone with with and eating disorder, you would not know that it is short for bulimia.

contrary to what the news feeds controversy-hungry-people it is NOT to make bulimia sound like a friendly bff or anything, just a short version of the word, pretty much only used on the internet, just like any acronym used on msn - just a shorter type

by lalalaldalalaal September 04, 2008
A hot hot girl who tends to keep secrets from others even when they think they know everything about her. Shes in love with emo boys, nutella, and hellokitty, and you will never find a Mia alone. Shes crazy and loud and loves to be around friends. You will be in love with a Mia when you meet her.
"That girl has the coolest hair. Shes so Mia."
by Katie Stots May 28, 2008
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