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Missing In Action
Man whered we set that blunt at? Shit went MIA!
by MrGrinch August 07, 2003
missing in action. when you no longer get any sexual action and have been longing for it for a long time.
Kirsten was in denial for m.i.a.
by ashattack July 29, 2008
A hot chick who is a geat friend and fun to hang with.
"Dang she looks like a total Mia"
by lovinmyman April 13, 2009
A proper farewell to a heart-broken soldier.
It's been real dawg,

Chance - "MIA"..
Real - "MIA"..
Tango - "MIA"
by J-dawgs and DiDi March 26, 2007
Short for bulimia or bulimic
Are you mia?
by Tiffany October 13, 2003
A beautiful, kind, amazing, great personality, is unforgettable, always down with the G6, has total swagg, is always in the new, loves music, amazes everyone she meets, is a total guy magnet, GORGEOUS! (Did I already say that ;)), and loves everyone (: You'd be lucky to meet a Mia.
Boy 1: God, is she a Mia.??
Boy: Yeep, and I know cuz shes my girlfriend ;)
by Killerbee1299 September 28, 2011
knows better than anyone the best things come in small packages. she is the patron saint of people with petite parts. she prefers big hearts over big cocks. if you are sweet to a Mia, she will cure your annual depression.
That Mia loves giving her cherished friends popsicles and will perform ambient cuniforms for any woman worth her salt.
by sweet_lippedmama June 18, 2011
Mia is an amazing person, her beautifulness, smartness, funniness is what makes people love her. She is my best friend ive known her for 12 years and i love her to death, shes always there for u to tlk to and cry to and she will nvr judge a person. this young lady has every guy in love with her and can brighten up a black out with her positive attitude on life and amazing smile i kinda sound like im in love with her.... but im not i promise well, i am in love with her but not in tht way shes just my best friend and is amazing and if she reads this im prettyyy sure she knows who this is love you girlyyyyyy :D <3
by Halloween buddy ;) January 17, 2011