Missing In Action
Man whered we set that blunt at? Shit went MIA!
by MrGrinch August 07, 2003
(Masturbation Induced Arthritis) An acute inflamation and/or repetetive motion injury in the wrist and forearms, caused by severe repetetive self pleasuring masturbatory episodes. Usually occurs in teenage to young adult males.

Severe cases require patient to avoid any and all sexual stimulation. Very often mistaken or misdiagnosed as carpal tunnel syndrome or tendenitus, or tennis elbow.
I can't play hockey today cuz my "M.I.A." is acting up.
by handydandypandy August 01, 2011
1) acronym for missing in action
2) a name meaning "mine" in italian
3) short for for bulimia

4) short for Miami, FL
1) The soldiers are MIA.
2) I'm going to name my daughter Mia.
3) She was hospitalised with Mia.

4) I'm vacationing in Mia.
by >*< February 15, 2010
Another Word To Confuse People With Instead Of Mum
My Mia's on the fone
by CookieeCrumbs. January 19, 2009
A girl who on the outside is innocent and sweet. A cool friend. Until she tells you. She is really evil on the inside. The sweet smile and innocent eyes are a cover up. Run from Mia. Save yourself bwfire she comes after you. Whatever you do... don't let her know the true reason. You never knkw what she might do.
Hey Mia, I think we need a break from being friends. I just need time to focus on my work.
by eyes_open July 12, 2014
A mean, jealous girl who will ditch her bestfriend for her crush. Unloyal and untrustworthy.
Don't be a Mia..
by youkansque March 08, 2015
A rather baffling Tamilian (Sri Lankan Tamil) pop artist who in some pictures looks rather cute while in others looks like a brown ghetto fabulous Michael Jackson.
confused guy: So is M.I.A. a hottie or a tranny? I can't tell!
by Da well-endowed Poonjabi October 14, 2008
A Drum n bass dj collective started in 2006 by alfonz de la mota and m1d1, this is the largest drum n bass collective in the united states and has members all over america.
M.I.A. murda in america drum n bass djs
by ALFONZ DE LA MOTA January 18, 2009

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