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Missing In Action
Man whered we set that blunt at? Shit went MIA!
by MrGrinch August 07, 2003
2024 1171
An amazing girl who knows how to have fun and put a smile on your face. One in a million, hard to find. Has a tendency of being very beautiful.
Boy 1: Hey have you seen that girl? She looks like a mia!
Boy 2: That's my girlfriend and she is!
by Ceeblair August 05, 2009
665 617
Also known as Miami International Airport. The leading gateway to South and Latin America. And the Carribean in the world.
American Airlines Hub.
( Captain) Okay ladies and Gentelmen we will be landing in MIA shortly thanks for flying with us.
by HA MIami August 09, 2005
440 397
She is the best person you could ever meet. She is fun loving, and has lots of friends. She is a major tom boy, but keeps her girly side with her friends. Super smart BFF and is never alone!!!!
BFF 1: Have you seen Mia?

BFF 2: She is surrounded by her other friends!
by Leslie_Gibby February 19, 2013
47 14
Missing In Action.
Also a serious of Chuck Norris movies during Vietnam.
The air crew was declared M.I.A. after their plane was shot down in the jungle.
by Random Rogue December 08, 2005
139 109
The most beautiful girl you ever saw, and once you start looking you can't look away. She is so happy and gentle with a lot of crazy mixed in! She has green eyes that melt you and her body is bangin'! She will punch your lights out if she has to but with kindness like that no one does anything but smile at her. I love my Mia
Oh my Gosh! Mia looks amazing!
How does she do it?

You: Man! Your girl is smokin hot!! she got a sister?
Me: Nah man! She's the one and only, no one compares.
by ZacD July 03, 2013
29 10
Trick gon'let the band deal with this, MIA style mo'fucka
by The Frenchy October 11, 2003
321 303
Means, Missing In Action
also known as the self proclaimed M.I.A pop sensation who sings Paper planes
Dude where is that guy?
hes honestly M.I.A man
by cheldon August 08, 2008
102 92