gorgeous soccer player. best soccer player in the whole world
There can't be another Mia Hamm.
by yoyoyo October 08, 2003
Top Definition
The best soccer player ever to walk this earth and noone can change that
COOL SOCCER PLAYERS LIKE David Beckham and Freddy Adu, and THE FAB FIVE but, Mia Hamm is the BEST
by jennifer N. June 25, 2005
One time good soccer player, vastly overrated for most of her career to the point of nausea. Not even close to the best woman's player. Not even close to the hottest women's player, rather homely.
Mia Hamm was a great player for a little while, but lived off of past accomplishments the majority of her career, while mostly being a non-factor.
by BlackGerbil_1 June 05, 2010
pretty much the best soccer player to walk this earth. beautiful, and sex goddess could also describe her. pretty much me.
i AM the next mia hamm.
by beautifulme! April 04, 2005
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