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the perfect, most delicious and fulfilling instant noodle. EVER.
person 1: mi goreng noodles are like only the best noodles ever!
person 2: agreeeed!
by mi goreng lover April 15, 2009
A tasty snack known for its addictive properties containing a packet of noodles and 5 "seasoning" sachets. It's most popular among gametards and Asians who feast on the snack because they weren't taught to make sandwiches as a child.
Guy 1: Hey man, why don't you use the chilly sauce in your mi goreng?

Guy 2: Everyone knows the chilly sauce is shit.
by Sam152 November 09, 2009
Mi go reng noodles can only be described as the most delicious, delectable, palatable feast that one can ever enjoy. mi go reng originated in indo (a country which consists of many islands), and before long, had whored / pimped its little packet filled goodness to many fortunate first-world countries. you can purchase this ‘orgasmic treat of salty deliciousness’ (as defined by wikipedia) from many supermarkets, eg, woolies and coles , and your local forthcoming asian shop.
person 1: holymotherfuckingroflcoptersaurusrex! whilst enjoying my mi go reng, i tripped and my mi go reng landed on my poor cats head.

person 2: HTF!!
holymotherfuckingroflberrypancake. you are a fucking rofltard. poor cat.

person 1: i just had a roflaarp fest.

person 2: you fucking brought teh pwnagepackage on your cat da nooob. i am roflcoptering and firing lmao missiles, roflascjsmepamdicfsdoem.

person 1: i am overcome with hilarity.
a fried noodle or a person who is so uneducated they can't tell their flip from their flop!
Tim: I am so rich cause i dont burn money, hard come, easy go! I got the cars and the girls, i am unstoppable.

Viquah: hahaha..It's easy come, hard go! You such a MI GORENG. Chill down with the ego, you're going to single handedly turn all woman off men! Open your flap and stop thinking your Ed Witten or something.
by VICKI KARMA October 18, 2006

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