Mibba user who is friends with all Mibbians. Also comments on almost all stories of the "Loved It" comment type.
"God, you're such a mhore!"

Go to Mibba and look up Helena Fiego (user). Scroll down her info section until you come to her rant on Mhores. Very interesting and unusual!
by rellimyentruoc June 16, 2009
Top Definition
A man whore, hence mhore - sounds like more, ironically
That mhore will sleep with anyone
by DocTorP July 12, 2005
An abbreviation of a manwhore, which is a guy who gets with many girls with the sole intention of getting into bed with them.
"Did you hear about Sam? I heard he slept with 3 different girls this weekend.
"Yeah I know, he's such a mhore!"
by SupaC March 29, 2010
MySpace whore; someone who sends friend requests to everybody to get their amount of friends up.
John is such a mhore, he has 500 friends and half of them are bands.
by tom86224 January 07, 2008
Male prostitute
Girl 1: "What did you do last night?"

Girl 2: "Phucked a mhore."

Girl 1: "Was it that same D-Bag who took my money?"

Girl 2: "Yeah it was him."
by Connor Klatchet January 11, 2010
makeup whore.
someone who wears a lot of makeup.

"omg becky look at that mhore in Sephora."
by ellennmelonn September 21, 2008
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