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Mibba user who is friends with all Mibbians. Also comments on almost all stories of the "Loved It" comment type.
"God, you're such a mhore!"

Go to Mibba and look up Helena Fiego (user). Scroll down her info section until you come to her rant on Mhores. Very interesting and unusual!
by rellimyentruoc June 16, 2009
A man whore, hence mhore - sounds like more, ironically
That mhore will sleep with anyone
by DocTorP July 12, 2005
An abbreviation of a manwhore, which is a guy who gets with many girls with the sole intention of getting into bed with them.
"Did you hear about Sam? I heard he slept with 3 different girls this weekend.
"Yeah I know, he's such a mhore!"
by C2daT March 29, 2010
MySpace whore; someone who sends friend requests to everybody to get their amount of friends up.
John is such a mhore, he has 500 friends and half of them are bands.
by tom86224 January 07, 2008
Male prostitute
Girl 1: "What did you do last night?"

Girl 2: "Phucked a mhore."

Girl 1: "Was it that same D-Bag who took my money?"

Girl 2: "Yeah it was him."
by Connor Klatchet January 11, 2010
makeup whore.
someone who wears a lot of makeup.

"omg becky look at that mhore in Sephora."
by ellennmelonn September 21, 2008