More fucking worse
Sam: Yeah last week was horrible, then today she made me sleep on the couch...

Alex: .... mfw man, best fix this
by BlackWite July 22, 2011
My feet wiggle.

Used to describe situations where you feet wiggle.
"I can't dance, but MFW when the music starts."

"MFW when you tickle them."
by missjamie75 April 18, 2011
An acronym for My f*king Word. A expression of surprise.
mfw, my cat just eat one of my headphone ear buds!
by backSLIDER January 16, 2011
Means Mother Fucking Willy.

A discreet term/acronym for anyone who shows disgust to a contemptible person or organ as in the private organ/s.
(Bad Meanings)

Hide your MFW! You maniac!

I would love to see your MFW now, please.

He has short MFW so dont bother fucking him!

Oh! I hate MFWs.
by Wordhoarinventor January 19, 2011

Mother Fucking Win. The act of winning to a motherfucken new level. (See FTW, for the win)
Andrea: Nah, that's so awesome it's for the MFW!
Chimer #1: that sounds pretty fucken awesome.
by tazzyface July 10, 2008
mfw, or MFW, stands for Mikey Fuckin' Way, which is a nickname for Mikey Way, the bassist for New Jersey alternative band My Chemical Romance. Term became widely known when a black t-shirt featuring 'MIKEY FUCKIN' WAY' was worn by him and was being sold on the MCR merch website.
Commonly used by fans as an explanation, both good and bad.
The meaning is usually obvious from what sentence its in.
Something that is typically distressing or something that is usually positive can be followed by mfw.
(Good meanings)
I just got a 24 pack of redbull, mfw!

New MCR song rules, mfw!

I just beat Guitar Hero on expert, mfw!

(Bad meanings)
I failed the algebra test, mfw.

I really wanted a PBJ sandwhich but we're out of bread. Mfw.

Tickets to that show are sold out already, mfw.

by CoffinDancer March 25, 2009
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