Noun: A player in Call of Duty who consistently kills himself more than anyone else in the game and blames the xbox for having technical issues.

A person who in creeps around High schools in his underwear wearing half a cantaloupe on his head screaming "Im a hamster!"

An aircraft mechanic who breaks more items than he fixes.
Woh! I was about to shoot Mez and he just exploded.

"Hey, are you 18 yet?"

An open end wrench and a hammer.
by blahblah6 December 13, 2010
Top Definition
A short way to say "mezmerizing" or "mind=blown."
John: Did you know spiders eat their babies?
Mike: Whoa, mez!
by mindblower24 August 08, 2012
slang term for the actress meryl streep
1. OMG, I just picked up 5 mezmovies for 20 dollars!
2. Mez looked pretty hot at the Mamma Mia premiere, don't lie.
by marissaffair October 03, 2009
To get one over someone by way of a disregard for personal respect.
I totally mezzed that cunt out of the money I owe him.
by MrSilks February 04, 2012
A noun. Another word for 'a really really cool twin'
Me: "That mez is so insanely cool!"
You: "Truefact"
by micissmelly September 04, 2006
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