A person who has traits combining stereotypes of a mexican and a black. This usually involves a lust for crime, large families living in a single household, baggy clothing, knee-high socks with chuck taylors and a wife beater, unemployment/welfare, auto theft, bizarre slang, illegal immigration to other countries, prison stays, and much much more.
1. Damn that mexi-nigger in baggy clothes just stole my car and jumped the border!

2. Shut your mush mouth you dumb border hopping mexi-nigger!
#mexican #nigger #border hopping #prison #wife beater #illegal immigrant #stereoype #crime #black #african #hispanic
by Vladimir Poontang October 01, 2007
Top Definition
A modern American term used to describe Mexicans and/or Hispanics who are currently living in the United States.
"Those damn Mexiniggers are taking over."

"It seems like I can't go anywhere lately without seeing a Mexinigger."

"I had to move because there were too many Mexiniggers where I used to live."

#mexican #nigger #immigrant #hispanic #mexico
by www.LMNOP.com April 09, 2006
An annoying Hispanic who can't seem to get his grammar right while typing on Facebook. Tends to start fights with people much younger than him because he thinks he can win, but usually ends up getting a nice grammar lesson instead. Most commonly found in America.
Person 1: Dude, did you see that middle schooler fighting with that high-school Mexinigger last night on Facebook?
Person 2: Yeah man. He just ended up getting his ass POWNED.
Person 1: Haha, damn straight! Now lets go get some tacos.
#hispanic #grammar #stupid #faggot #grammar nazi #smh
by pileofsticks November 01, 2011
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