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An eatery serving a mixed cuisine from both Mexican and Asian coulter's.
Juan Wong's serves the best mexinese food in the world: teriyaki chicken empanadas, General tso's burritos, refried poo poo plater, refried bean rangoon, moo goo gai pan casadias, sesame chicken tacos, spicy beef taco lomaine, tofu bean burritos, chicken dumpling taquitos, Stir-fried Egg fajitas and, Mongolian Beef enchiladas.
by Ke Ke Ke Keller March 24, 2008
A person that appears to be of mixed race that resembles Mexican and Asian descent. Example, someone who looks like they are half Mexican and half (Chinese, Japanese, etc etc).
"I wonder if Mexinese will share his recipe for Mexi-fried rice with the office?"
by DMackCDA June 08, 2007
The cuisine at a restaurant / take-out joint which serves both Chinese and Mexican food.
"I'm goin to that mexinese joint on 44th and 2nd, you want somethin?"

"Yeah lemme get a quesadilla-gigante and an egg roll"
by zigzagwanderer December 02, 2007
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