A hairstyle popular (also see shlong, mullet)with certain Mexican males. Most often this hairstyle is associated with a fondness for heavy metal music and a fascination with knives. WARNING: the wearer of this hairstyle has a 99% chance of being a serial-killer.
Trucker #1: What happened to all the lot lizards at the truckstop?
Trucker #2: Some dude with a mexi-mullet butchered them all and ate their remains while listening to Ozzy.
Trucker #1: Again?
by antraeindubh August 24, 2006
Top Definition
a latino with a mullet
lets make a run for the border, meximullet style!
a mullet on a mexican
paco has one nasty mexy mullet
by shawna donkey August 04, 2003
A mexican with a sweet mullet. Usually accompanied by a molestor mustache.
Check out the flowing meximullet on that wetback.
by Dirty Mexi March 21, 2003
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