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a mexican jew
that mexijew smells like cheese
by HondaHomie07 April 24, 2004
a mexican jew. when a beaner and a jew fuck, the offspring is what you call a 'mexijew'.
Oh my god? Did you hear? Sanchez fucked Andrea and got her pregnant. Their having mexijews!
by mandaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. October 27, 2008
a person who is mexican and jewish
Tom is a mexijew
by phil November 24, 2003
The word used in refrence to being extremly mexican ( lazy ) and abnormaly protective and moderatly anal about your belongings ( jewish ), also to be " cheap ".
Yo dawg, why you being such a mexijew give me some sweet chili heat doritos.
by ninjadear March 22, 2010
A mexican who acts like a jew i.e. doesnt pay for yu-gi-oh! cards from friends who seel their stuff or stores(wal-mart, target, jp's sports collectables)
This word is copy-righted by Trey Mulling and Kyle Wheeler
Homero Aleman is a mexijew.
by ineedmoney March 18, 2007
A mexican usally wearing one of those retarded jew hats. Usally inpersonating a jewish person. This word could also be stated as a very cheap mexican
You Cheap ass Mexijew
by SCARFACE535 March 27, 2009
see also: will sanchez.
who is that burrito-eatin', jew-fro'd mothafucka over there?

why, that be will sanchez.
by the fishy April 30, 2005

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