a mexican acting like a black nigger; with the exception he's real different...they like to drive nigger-rigged cars;with all the spoilers; drive clear back in the seat; and even sometimes in the center of car...the laid back spic driver....
hey man look at that fucking mexigger; he and th whole carful of wanna be niggers...they ought to ship the whole lot back to mexico.. hey dude look a mexigger...you can always tell the nigger and the mexs apart from oneanothe..how..the nigger belongs in the usa..and the mexigger doesn't...
by king jew November 19, 2006
Top Definition
a mexican that tries to act black. (ie. fat joe) its like wigger except for mexicans.
there are like 1000 mexiggers at my school.
by biachbizzle October 10, 2004
A term like "nigger" but for a Mexican
Carol is such a mexi-gger
by Catherine888 June 23, 2011
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