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The unparalleled pain and bloating that results after consuming an excess quantity of Mexican food. Commonly results in feelings of pregnancy, a desire for a siesta, and/or desire to never again eat Mexican food.
Kathy: Dude I am so down for some mexicution right now
Greg:'s 8 in the morning. It's too soon
Kathy: For lunch we're getting mexicuted, I need to get two tacos, a bucket of beans, and a cup of nacho sauce.
by caldebate September 24, 2009
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When a person is strung up by the feet and beaten to death by a mob, like a pinata.
We hung that douchebag by the legs and beat him with sticks til he stopped moving. It was a total mexicution.
by Jaxon Pollack December 15, 2011
1) Is an electric fence on the mexican border and there are cameras videotaping mexicans getting electricuted.
2)Lethal Electric Shock To Only Mexicans
James]3)Execution right on the spot by boarder patrol
Josh: haha would'nt it be funny to videotape mexicans getting electricuted on the mexican boarder lmfao mexicution

James: lol Execution to all mexicans that cross the boarder
by JoshAndJames October 27, 2011
When a large group of mexicans show up to a baseball game during the 9th inning and ask you to move over because you are supposedly in their seats regardless of the fact that half of the stadium is empty (see Houston Astros).
Dan: Did those mexicans really ask me to move over even though every row around us is empty?

Margarita: Yes they did. I think we should carry out a mexicution and remove them from the face of this Earth.
by belchman October 06, 2011
Exicution of mexicans.
"Hey Brittny, what are we doing tonight?"

"Same thing we do every night..."

by kyleh September 14, 2005
The execution of a person of Mexican descent.
"Let's go on a mexicution spree!"
by Dan Saff April 09, 2007
The act of executioning a Mexican
In 1800 Cesar Chavez was Mexicutioned for selling Brocolli without a license
by Rocky Balboa November 02, 2014

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