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The result of overeating too much Mexican food.
Bro 1: C'mon, let's go to the taco truck!
Bro 2: Nay...last time I had their Super Asado burrito and got Mexicuted.
by FlatMatt May 22, 2009
A form of execution in which 4 - 7 Mexicans take you out for the best time of your life before you die the next morning due to the excessive partying. Activities usually include nachos, cocaine, tequila, pinatas, Pedro's Chevy, and trips to Tijuana.
Kim Jong Un's uncle was mexicuted last weekend. A group of mexicans came up to him and said, "hey mang, we going to take you out in Pancho's Chevy, and we won't stop until you're mexicuted."
by mremage December 14, 2013