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mexicoon means somebody that's half black half mexican.

coon=black person

lots of mexicoons live in texas
by Jesse June 02, 2004
A racist term referring to a Mexican-African-American.
Shaquanda Sanchez is a mexicoon.
by Chloedog October 06, 2003
A Mexican who has been ghettoized.
George is a decent hard working man, but his son is a gang banging street thug, a real mexicoon.
by benthrer January 30, 2010
A person who is 1/2 black 1/2 mexican.
Jerome Ortega is a Mexicoon
by Someguy24 October 02, 2006
A cross bread between a Mexican and a coon. Mexicoons enjoy chicken quesedillas, running from police, and jumping over fences.
Dang Mexicoons get 30 feet to the jump!
by derick-a March 25, 2008
Mexican black person, a mexicoon
Jake: Hey hey get away from my car!

Stranger: Que?

Jake: fuck off

Stranger: Que?

Jake: fuck off before i get my gun you filthy Mexicoon
by chubby thy legend September 25, 2009
A ghettoriffic mexican that acts like a coon.
That car has to be owned by a Mexicoon, look at the virgin Mary airbrushed on the hood.
by Real Deal 12345 September 04, 2006