A disoriented state usually preceded by a rough night of partying in Mexico.
Joe: We were in downtown Playa del Carmen until 5am, it's insane over there.

Kerry: It's 2 in the afternoon, where is everyone now?

Joe: They're in their rooms suffering form mexicomas.

by Dave B August 07, 2008
Top Definition
The state of being so completely full of mexican food, you feel like you're going to pass out.
I just ate a huge burrito at La Costena, I think I'm going to slip into a mexicoma. Ugh.
by Joel Haferbecker October 13, 2008
The sleepy feeling you get after consuming an exorbitant amount of Mexican food.
After I ate an enchilada platter, two baskets of chips and pozole in one sitting I felt like I was in a Mexicoma.
by NCJM August 07, 2012
the state of being you get on May 6th after drinking on Cinco de Mayo.
Jim was so out of it today, suffering from the mexicoma he sustained from drinking at the Mexican themed bar last night
by BonesDiggitty May 07, 2009
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