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A term often used to describe the inherently large cocks of men of Mexican descent. Urban legends has it the Chipotle burrito was sized to demonstrate the average measurements of a mexi-cock.
There's nothing worse than being second in line to a mexi-cock in a gang bang.
by Dr. OTTer, PhD September 16, 2005
29 17

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A term to describe a micro penis. Derived from the generally tiny presentation of most male Mexicans members
I was so unsatisfied after doing it with Paco last night. I guess I should not be surprised that he could not satisfy me with his mexi-cock. I think a Chihuahua packs more meat.
by Dr. Ruth Gonzalez May 01, 2010
9 12
A derogratory(insulting) term used by white, black, and non-mexican latinos to refer to mexico.
guy 1 Are u going to mexicock this summer?

guy 2 No dude I'm straight I dont like cock
by tic toc June 16, 2005
11 40