An impoverished country known for its delicious albeit very unhealthy food and primitive savage like people
I went down to Cancun , Mexico for spring break... big mistake. I was robbed by the Mexican Cartel, there was no indoor plumbing and no matter where I went the air smelled like hot ass.
by IHateYouXoXo May 09, 2009
A term used in place of cool.
wow, that is well mexico!
by RiotBoi Gus May 21, 2005
A nation inhabited by birds.
In Mexico, birds go south and Mexicans go north.
by Pope Popinjay XVI April 25, 2006
The country full of job stealing mofos.
Person1: Lets go to Mexico

Person 2: NO! Mexico is the gum on the bottom of Americas shoe!
by J121 May 21, 2008
A crappy country like France. This is were majority of illegal aliens come from to commit crimes and leech off the US welfare system. They want the American Southwest, even though they cannot run their own country. Like the French, the people are full of crap, and they don't bath. The people are not Hispanics. They are descent of the Aztecs, who were warmongers and cannibals.
Mexico-The France of the Western Hemisphere.
by Unknown Human June 22, 2005
God's blind spot. A terrible place that all the mexicans in the US make out to be heaven but if it was heaven then why the fuck did they leave?
Mexican kid:Yo holmes mexico is kickin!
Me and Friends:Then go back you piece of shit!
by ReeseMaster June 20, 2007
A disqusting, polluted, dirty country that is the cespool for illegal immigrants to hop the border and make other countries as disqusting as their own, especially the US. Also a place where America should just bomb and destroy completely, because it is fucking worthless and Mexicans are lesser beings than monkies. Mexicans aren't even considered real people.
Me: that guy over there is fucking whack, lets do the worst thing possible to him
Joe: Yeah, lets drop him off in Mexico
by Stump Happens April 05, 2007
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