A great song by James Taylor

Oh, Mexico
It sounds so sweet with the sun sinking low
Moons so bright like to light up the night
Make everything all right
Dude 1 :Dude did you just hear james taylor sing mexico?
Dude 2 :yeah man lets go to mexico!!!11!2
by 82137182jsahdkjashd218 April 19, 2007
A crime scene with its own flag.
Don’t go to Mexico—those people would kill you for yesterday’s newspaper.
by frick1 March 28, 2010
Mexico is used to camouflage your true feeling towards any subject and give the other party the task of completing the thought based on context. Mostly referred poor quality. Used to replace any word in a sentence and can be used to avoid any type of decision making in a conversation.
"That party was mexico."

boy= what do you want to do?
girl= idk something,...Mexico.

by ManFromMayburyHill February 28, 2009
An alternative to hell.
God: Jimmy, you took two lives while you lived in my earth, but I see you have redeemed for your actions. Maybe a few century's in Mexico will earn you a space in my kingdom.

Jimmy: I guess i had that coming.........
by JimmyS May 15, 2007
America’s pants.
Canada is America’s hat, Mexico is America’s pants.

Mexico City is North America’s butthole.
by frick1 March 28, 2010
Home of the tapeworm.
I went to mexico and all I got was this 40 foot tapeworm coming out my anus.
by Jihad Royale April 04, 2008
The united states shitting and toxic waste dump
Go there and see mexico
by Aguywithstds November 17, 2009
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