A land defined by it's burritos and really big hats.
"Look, its a muffin with a gigantic hat eating a burrito"
by CrAzYCoW June 17, 2005
The toilet upon which the United States sits, and it is backing up.
Mexico lies south of the US border.
by gewehr43 March 30, 2010
A filthy cock loving slut, who can't stick to one boy and has to interfere with other peoples lifes to make her own even more enjoyable.
'Do you remember mexico?'
'Oh yeah i do, what a slut'
by rawr01 September 09, 2011
the best and worst place on earth best cuz we got some fine bitches badass movies and we got some of the best drivers who can drive coca cola trucks in revese in a small ass street and places para acer un desmadre worst place cuz you can robbed in day or at night we can steal a car in less than 10 minutes u get ripped off in most stores balasos every day and people dying every day from the balasos but its still a badass place
wey 1:oye wey kiero ir a mexico
wey 2:yo tambien
wey 3:chingen a su madre yo kiero a donde ustedes estan
by chilango August 16, 2012
See California, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico
Person A: I drove myself over to Bakersfield the other day.
Person B: Is that down by the California-Mexico border?
Person A: No, it's actually been within Mexican territory since 1992.
Person B: Oh, that's right!
by Jerry Cherry Garcia November 07, 2007
Derogatory name for California, Los Angeles, San Diego or any highly populated Latino region in the USA.
We're from California.

Oh, you mean Mexico?

Yea, LOL.
by rjfudd August 26, 2007
A great song by James Taylor

Oh, Mexico
It sounds so sweet with the sun sinking low
Moons so bright like to light up the night
Make everything all right
Dude 1 :Dude did you just hear james taylor sing mexico?
Dude 2 :yeah man lets go to mexico!!!11!2
by 82137182jsahdkjashd218 April 19, 2007
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