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Future Americans! When they come to america they won't become realy americans they will hop the border because they are MEXICANS!!!!!!!! sorry but thats the way it is.
Go to mexico and put a locator on them, 15 years later they will probably be in the texas area or east LA. Also, when they come to america they won't become realy americans they will hop the border because they are MEXICANS!!!!!!!! sorry but thats the way it is.
by Kesler April 10, 2007
273 630
1) Beautiful country full of rich culture and kind people.

2) Where my self serving, cheap skate in-laws keep their half million dollars to avoid paying U.S. taxes.
My in-laws go to Mexico to get rich and live off of the poverty of the people while ignoring their own family in the states.
by Super Gerbil December 18, 2003
3504 1853
Home of the greatest food in the world!
Burritos mexicana...mmmmmm...muy sabroso! No pico de gallo por favor :)
Tacos, carnitas, carne asada.
Taco bell sucks.
by Anonymous June 15, 2003
2929 1473
Mexico is the country located just south of the United States. Contrary to what many people believe and say, it is a country of culture and diversity and the locals are welcoming people. It is also a country of beautiful beaches and with some of the most interesting history in the world.
When we went to Cancun, Mexico the people there were very nice and treated us to some of their food and salsa dancing.
by RedLancerMan January 05, 2006
2228 985
A cool country expecially the Pyramid Chichen Itza. Mexico is Beautiful!
I'm going to Mexico to see the pyramid Chichen Itza.
by Sabrina L. April 03, 2007
1389 729
Mexico is a country located in North America (altough nor canada or USA want to accept it). Mexico is a Country full of culture, the best food on the earth. A lot of mexicans of the low class migrate to the USA in sights of a better job. Because in Mexico the Minmun Salary is $5 for 8 hours, while in the USA is $5 per hour (unconfirmed). There are fat people, like everywhere else. But in USA, there are more fat people than in Mexico.
Be sure that when you go to mexico, try the "Tacos de Foco", they are the most delicious thing on earth!
Mike: I need some beach soon dude
The dude: you should go to Mexico, their beaches are the best on the earth

by Rodro February 26, 2006
1367 896
Mexico is a Nation of culture and hidden natural wealth sadly the people of Mexico had to live with 70 years of corrupt PRI rule but today the damage done to Mexico is being overturn. Mexico has many Modern Cities and their poverty rate is lowering by the year, Also Mexico is the largest-spanish speaking nation in the world also the second-largest Catholic naton in the world. Mexico is world-reowned for it's culture and food also known in the Diplomatic world as a major particapater in the UN and many groups. Mexico has many accomlisments in it's past and is predicted to become the First Deveopled Nation of Latin America within the first half of the 21st century
"Mexico has many good foods"
by Marken October 14, 2006
945 599
God's blind spot. Where you can do anything you want.
Man let's go to Mexico and get drunk.
by anonomous June 14, 2005
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