When you put hot sauce on your penis and have sex with a women giving birth.
I was at the ER last night and gave some chick a Mexican Piñata.
by hornstar1964 July 30, 2009
Top Definition
Pretty much a gang bang where a girl is getting hit in the face by several male penis'
A bunch of us got together last night and gave that girl a mexican pinata!
by hopkins and cruz December 29, 2009
verb. the act of tieing a female up(hog style), hanging her from the ceiling, proceeding to beat her in the stomach with a Lousiville Slugger until she begins to vomit and bleed profusely. The winner of this event can take the honor of engaging in furious mexican intercourse with the lucky female. This is followed by a homecooked burrito dinner by the female
"For Joses 19th birthday, his dad bought him a keg Tecate(popular Mexican beer) and a stripper. His dad thought it would be a good idea to Mexican pinata that bitch. Jose will never forget his 19th birthday. Jose is now the Triple A home run king for the Columbus Clippers and the stripper is a parapeligec"
by Tyjuice Nukkaballa December 19, 2005
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