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a mexican that just had anal sex and the girl shit on his little pepe
"odolay homess last night this bitch ay.. she gave me a mexican chili dog so i capped her ass in the head ay.."

10 seconds later...

"hey cabron u wanna go get some wienerschneitzels?"
by ERIC KIM November 29, 2004
When penetrating the bum of a female using taco bell hot sauce as lubrication.
Brad gave Jennie a big mexican chilidog after finishing his crunch wrap supreme. It was good to go.
by peterbee September 30, 2006
When some one takes a shit on the girl chest and then titty fucks them.
Who wants a Mexican chili dog bitches!!!
by Bish and Cory March 21, 2007
To shit on a woman's boobs and then tity fuck her
Hey Dad can I get the Mexican chili dog
by Justin Beiber. The true March 25, 2011
Dropping a deuce while having sex then having a dog eat it off of you while your still fucking.
1. Dude I heard last nite when Alex was fucking that whore he had a Mexican Chili Dog again! I guess her dogs cleaned up his shit in like 30 seconds and he loved it.

2. I can't wait to go over to her house, she has a bunch of dogs, hopefully I can get a nice Mexican Chili Dog!

3. Yesterday when I was getting a Mexican Chili Dog, the dog bit my balls and it fucking hurt!
by Frank the Tank 250 March 27, 2010