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Corn chip fragments mixed with salsa eaten with a spoon.
When life throws you nothing but the bottom of a bag of corn chips and some salsa, make mexican cereal!
by Mark Shackelford August 04, 2007
N. Basically like normal cereal, but this time with South-of-the-Border fun. Replace cereal with corn chips. Replace Milk with Salsa. Pour in bowl and eat. It is a delicious way to enjoy the flavors of Mexico.
Linda: I want breakfast, but I'm so tired of boring American cereals.
Antoine: Don't fret, try this Mexican Cereal!
Both: Mmmmm!
by Jay Jay Cool Whip October 26, 2010
A snack (or meal) blossoming from an otherwise dire situation. Once a bag of Tostitos reaches the point where the chips are no longer dip-able, pour the remains into a bowl and add salsa. Other additions include shredded cheese, sour cream, etc. (don't get carried away here, simple is better, this isn't nachos dammit). Grab a big spoon and enjoy!
"Ahh I love my Tostitos Scoops with a Hint of Jalepeno... but what the shit am I supposed to do with these reject pieces that are not scoopable at all?"
::"Do you work for Tostitos?"
"You know we don't have jobs."
::"Shut up David. However, the answer you seek lies south of the border, with Mexican Cereal.
by Donald Quixote September 17, 2009
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