A person who can't afford a condom.
Mexican guy-wanna do it?
Mexican chick-got a condom?
Mexican guy-dont worry, God will protect us!
by Bludshotinc January 22, 2007
okay first of all everyone who thinks the definition of a mexican is a person who cuts your grass and gets 10cents to do it.. oh please your such a hagg i mean seriously think about it the majority of mexicans have more cash than more people and the reason they work hard for what they want. i bet in the end your parents will end up working for them. really your just ignorant and closed-minded look around you news flash they are intellegent prople trying to make a life having a hard time for rascist issues! so next time you decide to trash talk think twice

PD.. mexicans and hispanics and chicanos are so not the same hispanics is a way of calling the latin people yes mexicans are at times concidered hispanic but thats not exactly it..
usually mexican is born in mexico.. hispanic may be mexican parents
by RawrBananaBitch February 09, 2009
The best gardening equipment in America.
"I feel too embarrassed to be fixing up my yard, I'll just pay a Mexican to do it."
by HolyToiletWater July 16, 2012
A person who belongs or is related to Mexico. A person who was born in Mexico is a mexican. A person who was born in the United States from mexican parents is a mexican and an american as well, regardless of what some people may think.

There are mexicans who break the law, don't pay taxes, live on welfare, and are uneducated, true. There are white americans, and african-americans who break the law, don't pay taxes, live on welfare, and are uneducated, as well.

If a mexican holds a low wage job is because whether he doesn't speak the language or he doesn't have any "papers". If a mexican can figure out how to solve this issue, watch out!

If all male mexicans would look like Ricky Martin, and all female mexicans would look like Eva Longoria, all of them would be so much welcome in this country, wouldn't they?

When the term mexican is used as an insulting adjective, it doesn't just denigrates the person who gets the insult, also denigrates the person who says it.

"You shall love your neighbor as yourself."(Matthew 22, 37-39)
1) A mexican is a person who values and respects family, religion, and traditions.
2) A mexican is a person who supports unconditionally the mexican soccer team, in spite of everything and against all odds.
3) Mexican food is really good, most americans love it.
4) They tend to have a rather large family because most of them are Catholics, and this religion forbids the use of contraceptive devices, it's not our fault, we're proud of our family.
5) Mexicans are hard working people, willing to do what no one else is willing to do, in some cases.
by paquitodj May 09, 2007
The product of a native indian and a buffalo fucking and having kids. But there is a exception, hot/attractive mexican girls are made from 1,000 angels.
There are a lot of mexicans at Home Depot looking for a job.
by pokepotty August 05, 2011
the person mowing ur lawn
why dont mexicans compete in the olympics? because lawnmowing isnt a sport!
by UNKNOWNPERSON7 March 03, 2011
Hard working people who strive to make an honest living for their family, but are either too lazy, too unintelligent, or just too arrogant to learn the English language. Unable to realize they will never get a good paying job because they cannot properly communicate with the rest of society, Mexicans must have a false hope that the universal language will eventually change from English to Spanish. Some arrogant Mexicans will point to the fact that they are the same as every other American but this is not true. The vast majority are lower class. Most rich Mexicans are drug dealers, becuase let's face the facts....how many premier doctors, lawyers, and CEO's are there in the US? However once Mexicans start becoming tax paying citizens we should all respect them - because you know, I don't want my apples to raise in price from .99 cents per pound to 1.99.
Johnny: Momma why are those people talking funny, I'm only 3 years old, but I never heard those words before.

Mom: Oh Johnny....those are just ignorant Mexicans who can't be bothered to speak the official language of our country, like every other immigrant had to do before them.
by Whatever716 November 18, 2010

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