Americaz working class
i paid those mexicans a nickle to mow my lawn
by DD-crillzz June 12, 2007
the guy mowing your lawn
I Mexican and i mow lawn for 10 cent...
by Marcus Walbrought November 25, 2005
The language spoken in Mexico, alos known as spanish.
Say it in Mexican.
by Judge dredd7 November 19, 2011
synonym for worker or workforce
a mexican is a worker
by jesse Forristal August 09, 2007
Someone who jumps fences
Ey Pedro!


We Going to jump Border to Freedam!

Oka...y lemme jump fence first


Daily Mexican Life
by EddieTheHead July 30, 2011
1. someone who was born in mwxico
2. someone whos ancestors where 50% spanish and aztec

stereotype breaker: not all mexicans are short though some are yet few reach over 6 feet. i am 100% mexican and i own a ps3 3 TVs and computers with comcast and live in a 2 bathroom 3 bedroom house. most the spanish i speak is what i learned in spnaish class witch isnt much but my mom can speak spanish but usually speaks english my dads spanish kinda sucks
i was born in america and so where my parents and 2 of my grandparents. my 2 grandparents who were born in mexico where came to america legally. i eat beans like three times a month and i have 1 asian friend and 1 white friend, i am not a gangsta and dont use mexican slang like greengo/holmes either and i have a 3.3 GPA. all these things are actually every day things in fresno (where i live) and are not unusual at all here.


if you where me i'd like you to consider what it feels like to read these racist defenitions and think people actually believe them BTW im a nice guy and im sure if you knew me youd like me
1. i was born in mexico thus i am mexican.

2. my ancestors where from mexico thus i am mexican.
by watzitoya August 01, 2008
1.someone who is from Mexico
2.What some ignorant ppl call all hispanics cause they think we r all mexican but the hispanic race consists of the ppl from the countries or descedants of the countries of Spain, Puerto Rico,Dominican Republic,Cuba,Belize,El Salvador,Honduras,Guatemala,Costa Rica,Panama,Nicaragua,Colombia,Venezuela,Mexico,Chile,Brazil,Paraguay,Uruguay,Arrgentina,Peru,Ecuador,and Bolivia.
Ex.1)Jose was born in Mexico so he is Mexican
Ex.2)Maria was born in Bolivia so the guy who called her Mexican cause sheis hispanic is ignorant.
by me who else July 23, 2005

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