Americaz working class
i paid those mexicans a nickle to mow my lawn
by DD-crillzz June 12, 2007
A half Spanish(white), half Mayan, (native american) people.
Multiethnic country in North America, who identify with the Mexican cultural/national identity.
Mexico became a nation in 1821, and has had an immigration of white Europeans(German, Irish/Basque and Scandinavian etc.) who have immigrated before 1821 and after.
Agustín de Iturbide. José Yves Limantour. Juana Inés de la Cruz.
Anthony Quinn · Alvaro Obregon · Margo Albert
William Lamport, the real-life Zorro
Álvaro Obregón, president of Mexico during 1920-1924.
Juan O'Donojú,
José Antonio Meade.
Edmundo O'Gorman.
Hugh O'Connor.
Alejo Bay, governor of Sonora from 1923 to 1927
Joaquín Philip Meade y Sáinz Trápaga, historian.
Michael Wadding, Jesuit priest and missionary
Judith Grace, television hostess
Vicente Fox, Mexican president (2000–06) claimed to have Irish ancestry, but was confirmed was more of German ancestry.
Lindi Ortega, Canadian singer of Mexican-Irish descent.
Cristina Fink, retired high jumper of Irish, German/Dutch descent.
Margo, Mexican actress.
Pablo O'Higgins.
Carlos Gallardo. "Mexican".
by SchafHirte12 August 06, 2012
The language spoken in Mexico, alos known as spanish.
Say it in Mexican.
by Judge dredd7 November 19, 2011
synonym for worker or workforce
a mexican is a worker
by jesse Forristal August 09, 2007
Someone who jumps fences
Ey Pedro!


We Going to jump Border to Freedam!

Oka...y lemme jump fence first


Daily Mexican Life
by EddieTheHead July 30, 2011
1.someone who is from Mexico
2.What some ignorant ppl call all hispanics cause they think we r all mexican but the hispanic race consists of the ppl from the countries or descedants of the countries of Spain, Puerto Rico,Dominican Republic,Cuba,Belize,El Salvador,Honduras,Guatemala,Costa Rica,Panama,Nicaragua,Colombia,Venezuela,Mexico,Chile,Brazil,Paraguay,Uruguay,Arrgentina,Peru,Ecuador,and Bolivia.
Ex.1)Jose was born in Mexico so he is Mexican
Ex.2)Maria was born in Bolivia so the guy who called her Mexican cause sheis hispanic is ignorant.
by me who else July 23, 2005
A person who can't afford a condom.
Mexican guy-wanna do it?
Mexican chick-got a condom?
Mexican guy-dont worry, God will protect us!
by Bludshotinc January 22, 2007

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