Someone from Mexico or of Mexican descent. Many Mexicans live in the United States because it is safer and easier to find jobs than much of Mexico. Many do not speak English and have to take low-paying jobs, or are unemployed. Many live in Urban areas, but they can be found anywhere especially in southern states that are close to Mexico. They often form communities that are all Mexican or shared with other Hispanics such as South Americans or Puerto Ricans. They are often discriminated against by Americans, who believe that all Mexicans are illegal immigrants. They are often stereotyped as being poor and/or uneducated.
Because of the number Mexicans and Hispanics in the US. Spanish is rapidly growing as a language.
by k gamwegb September 09, 2012
A half Spanish(white), half Mayan, (native american) people.
Multiethnic country in North America, who identify with the Mexican cultural/national identity.
Mexico became a nation in 1821, and has had an immigration of white Europeans(German, Irish/Basque and Scandinavian etc.) who have immigrated before 1821 and after.
Agustín de Iturbide. José Yves Limantour. Juana Inés de la Cruz.
Anthony Quinn · Alvaro Obregon · Margo Albert
William Lamport, the real-life Zorro
Álvaro Obregón, president of Mexico during 1920-1924.
Juan O'Donojú,
José Antonio Meade.
Edmundo O'Gorman.
Hugh O'Connor.
Alejo Bay, governor of Sonora from 1923 to 1927
Joaquín Philip Meade y Sáinz Trápaga, historian.
Michael Wadding, Jesuit priest and missionary
Judith Grace, television hostess
Vicente Fox, Mexican president (2000–06) claimed to have Irish ancestry, but was confirmed was more of German ancestry.
Lindi Ortega, Canadian singer of Mexican-Irish descent.
Cristina Fink, retired high jumper of Irish, German/Dutch descent.
Margo, Mexican actress.
Pablo O'Higgins.
Carlos Gallardo. "Mexican".
by SchafHirte12 August 06, 2012
Someone from Mexico.

Awesome, Kicks your Ass, kicking your ass, and has a better tan than you do.
Hey, look over there, that dude has a nice tan.

No stup, hes just Mexican.
by lllllllllw August 30, 2011
Mexicans are the people who has born in MEXICO and those who his parents are Mexicans, no matter where did they had born meanwhile his parents had born in mexico. Any racist comments is a sing of stupidity.
Im Mexican, putos VIVA MEXICO!!!!!!
by David ariel November 04, 2007
1. Someone who was born in Mexico, has ancestors that were born there, or someone who's parents are from Mexico even if that person wasn't born there.

2. Respectable hard working people, the majority come to the USA to work hard for their families.

3. Not ALL mexicans are ilegal in the USA.
Sam: Look at that guy he's working really hard!
Fred: He must be mexican!

*The second richest person in the world is Carlos Slim Helu and he's Mexican*
by Mimi001 June 29, 2007
1)Someone from mexico or someone with mexican descendance.
2)the word that ignorant people use to describe someone who has latino descent cause they dont know that mexico is not only the country who speaks spanish. Some countries like Brazil speak portugese and they are still latinos. This needs to stop isntantly who the fuck gave them that idea that we are all mexican. Latinos come from mexico, central america, south america, and the caribbean.
Black guy- You are mexican right
Guatemalan- no
Black guy- so are you black ?
Guatemalan- no i am latino dumbass
Black guy- isn't the same shit
Guatemalan-(points a gun and it fires)
Black guy- (drops dead)
by im not mexican i am latina May 29, 2005
The language spoken in Mexico, alos known as spanish.
Say it in Mexican.
by Judge dredd7 November 19, 2011

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