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1.Often used to refer to all Hispanic people.

2. What Spanish is called by some people.

Also, most Mexicans are hard working people. They don't come to here to take advantage of the welfare system or food stamps. Yes, there are some lazy people but if you say all Mexicans are lazy people, then you are stereotyping. There are a lot of people who think the United States is the best country in the world so don't get mad if we're proud of where we came from. They want to support their families, that's why they come here or work such low wage jobs. Those are the only jobs available for them. The jobs you don't want. They are not "wetbacks" "beaners" etc. They are human beings like everyone else. So next time you say something negative about them, imagine if you were in their shoes. Everyone works hard of course but Mexicans aren't the only ones that have some lazy welfare depending people.
1. Person #1: Where are you from?
Person #2: Columbia.
Person #1: Oh you're Mexican!

2. (A group of people are talking in Spanish)
Tom: Why are they saying?
Chris: I don't know, they're speaking Mexican.
by I'mSomeoneYouDontKnow July 21, 2014
A badass person that doesn't give a shit about what they do. Their origin is from Mexico.
I have a Mexican friend, he's really cool to hang out with
by Ayyelino June 12, 2014
1.a person from mexico or mexican descendance.

2.what stupid people use to refer to latinos don't they know that people from central america, south america and the caribbean are latinos too, and the worst part is that now they think we don't speak spanish they think we speak mexican. What the hell are you stupid? who taught them this seriously
GUY 1:Hey you mexican give me that pencil.

GUY 2: Fuck you i am not mexican i am guatemalian retard!
by tatatata May 16, 2005
Mexicans are mainly populated in South America. They are hard workers and usually has a large goal in the end which they hope to achieve. Philipinos can also be considered to be mexicans.
"Hey look at that kid over there"
"Oh yes, Joshua Stacey, a hard working philipino"
"So he is also considered to be mexican?"
"Yes that Josh kid is considered to be mexican"
by TheOneAndOnlyGod June 10, 2013
A person who is from Mexico or has descendants from Mexico.
I am a Mexican-American.
by lola06 May 13, 2005
people that is discriminated against due to stereotypes created because of people going to the U.S. ilegally and supposedly "take their job opportunities"
-look at that guy that works cleaning the house!
-Oh he must be mexican
-look at that woman working as a waitress
-she´s mexican for sure

UGH! stupid stereotypes
by UGHA BE! ARE!!! May 13, 2006
A hard working, dream-driven person from the country of Mexico.
These damn mexicans are talking all our jobs, maybe we should work hard like them!
by c-h-u-c-k June 03, 2014