A good lover.
Someone who knows how to fuck.
Someone who knows how to make love.
Someone who knows how to please you.
Someone who knows how to sweet talk you.


I learned that living in California & visiting Mexico.
My some of my mexican lays Christian Luna, David, Sergio, Rafael and they all knew what they were doing. They didnt leave me upset.
by Desiree Gullett August 04, 2008
To be canned and replaced by a Mexican who works for less
The other day at work, I was MexiCanned, and Jose got my job!
by Elcarp November 15, 2011
Belfast slang for a person from the Irish Republic.
F**kin' Mexican from Donegal and Monaghan commin' over to Jordanstown.
by Desigol October 15, 2006
Most Mexicans are really poor people who mainly live in Texas and California, can hardly speak English as their second language, steal our tax money, make our town look like shit because they think they are so cool, hop the US-Mexico border so little Pancho can have a better future. Some thing they do to mexicans is create radio stations so Mexicans can understand it rather than WBBM 96.3FM which is more educational thanEnrique Guzmá. They also bring lots of drugs across the border so they can get money to send back to mexico to pay for Juans healthcare. They also get a free education, even though they know their kid is gonna get a 0.8 GPA.

But there are good mexicans who have a legal source of income, a passport, speak fluent english, and have smart kids who all scored 3000 on their SAT.
Jimmy: Why are there so many Mexicans/illegal immigrants in the US?

Pablo : So they can get food stamps, free education and free welfare. Im not an illegal immigrant, but my 30 cousins are
by DaLiBeRtYvIlLeBoY October 08, 2011
The back of a border patrol truck that is used to contain illegal immigrants. Usually describes the smaller border patrol trucks with the back shell that resembles a dog catcher truck.
Did you see that mexi-can full of illegals drive by?
by oohsonasty December 22, 2010
Someone from the country of Mexico. The state of being a Mexican has nothing to do with the amount of money one makes, although it is truth that many people from this nation work for little pay.
He/she is a Mexican, born or having a family background in Mexico
by Abix June 02, 2005
Well mexicans born and raised in Mexico are very nice and kind. They make you laugh. They are so nice and the little children are so cute. AAWWW I Love little children. Well anyways All the mexicans i know are cool. I dont know many but the ones i do know r cool. Especially my mexican activist partner in crime. We r allies....lmao
Rednecks need to stop hatin on mexicans.
by LaBoricuaDePielMorena June 22, 2005
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