Anyone born south of Florida.
South of Florida its Mexicans all the way down.
by Boogers August 31, 2005
a person,like me,who is really proud to be from our country. if you offend a mexican,you'll get the shit beat out of you and they'll send you to hell.
white person: stupid mexican!

mexican:chinga tu madre puto!!,i'm gonna chop your balls off!! i'm fucking brown and proud!!!
by latin babe 4ever March 07, 2006
the hardest working, sexiest, smartest race you will ever know, non job stealing people. do jobs that white people think are icky and nasty and dont want to hurt there little white hands on!!!!!
white person 1: did you see that mexican doing my yard
white person 2: yea they are hard workers they do the jobs we dont want
white person 1: he is so stupid i only pay him 7$ to do my yard stupid spic
mexican 1: you know that white guys yard i do
mexican 2: wich one you do like 3 or 4 yards
mexican 1: the one with the pool foo
the two mexicas have a good time
mexican 2: oh yea the one that uner pays you
what about him
mexican 1: he left so i went inside and boned his hot 16 year old, and his wife.
by 520cg September 10, 2007
A very special person, Like me, and yes we will kick gringo ass. One day spanish will be spoken in every school. We are taking our land back. The land that the gringos stole from us. One day the gringos will be the minority and then they will know how we feel. Open boarders!
Look at that Mexican and his twentey children..
by stillman August 09, 2006
What I am.

I was born in the America.
The continent.
Yet the U.S. Decided to take the anme America because they think they are better then us.
I am Mexican.
I was born in the America.
The continent.
Yet the U.S. Decided to take the anme America because they think they are better then us.
by Fuck! September 15, 2005
A Mexican man walks into a bar.

Please note that he's the *only* Mexican person there and all the other guys are white.

Suddenly one of the white guys walks up to the Mexican guy and says...

"Hey you! Colored men aren't allowed, much less welcome here!"

Then, the Mexican guy turns around and says to the white guy...

"Hey pendejo... When I was born, I was brown!"

"When I grew up, I was brown!"

"When I am sick, I'm brown!"

"When I'm in the sun, I'm brown!"

"When I'm in the cold, I'm brown!"

"And when I die, I'll still be brown!"

"But on the other hand you, pendejo, when you were born, you were pink!"

"When you grew up, you were white!"

"When you're sick, you turn yellow or even green!"

"When you're in the sun, you turn red!"

"When you're in the cold, you turn blue!"

"And when you die, you'll turn purple!"

"And you have the nerve and the balls to call me a "colored man!?" Ha ha!"
Pass it on...

(Note that I'm not racist. I'm Mexican myself. I just found this joke in some latino guy's myspace page and so since I thought it was pretty funny, I decided to translate it to English and post it here.)

Mark H. Proud UD author since February 2004.
by Mark H July 30, 2006
MEXICANS are the shit and we are not 2 be messed with cause we'll kick ur fucking ass like a bitch, so dont say shit 2 us.
Gringo: Fucken Mexican

Mexican: Fucken pusy say it 2 my face hijo de puta

Gringo (up in the Mexicans face) Fucken MExican!!

Mexicaan: Puto!! Mexican kicks his ass like the bitch the gringo is
by WiggaKilla May 22, 2006

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