A true mexican is from mexico.. They are the people you see near the edge of a village. The children run out pick your pockets try to sell you thier 12 year old sister for one american dollar. Or they tell you " my mother suck donkey dick for two peso you watch her love donkey?" C senoir
Hey man lets go down to mexico and see a mexican donkey fuck.
by ed parks September 28, 2006
The Language that Mexicans speak. Not related to spanish.
"That Mexican was speaking Mexican to me. He asked me if I wanted to buy any oranginoes or mangones."
by ngut July 18, 2006
A drinking game played with 2 dice. Drinks are doled out to those throwing low dice, with the exception of those throwing a 2/1, also called, for unknown reasons, a "Mexican." Other throws in the game have names as well, for instance, a 5/2 is a "Betty Ford" and a 1/1 is "tits".
Not content with a round of Quarters, the sausage party moved on to Mexican until the Blatz ran out.
by Witness10mm January 09, 2006
A person skilled in the art of jumping fences, screaming meaningless gibberish, and be able to do intense labor for minimal wage. Considered extremely useful by many, Mexicans can work double the hours a white person can, recieve half the pay and go home to his family screaming "Tequila!, Tequila" and be content. However Americans are getting pissed because apparently the smell is finally getting to them- oh yeah and they take jobs from lazy Americans. Usually seen with a lawnmower, a mexicans one true weakness is the border patrol or illegal immigration services.
-Mexicans arent full humans yet
-White people love mexicans because they keep their lawns nice and neat for cheap, why get a 7 year old white chump saving money for his power ranger toy when you can get a nice, cheap mexican?
-Not all Mexicans are bad, just poor
-Mexican food is da shit
-A Mexican once pulled a knife on me, threatening to kill me until i pointed behind him and screamed "BORDER CONTROL", he went scrambling for his life.
-What the fuck is dat mexican jibberish on the radio?
by Droppin Knowledge June 11, 2005
A person of any hispanic decent, also called a spic. These people are often suspected to be illegal immigrants because most don't wait to file citizenship information like Europeans do. These people normally smell like mushrooms, transfer drugs from Mexico into America, and steal work from born Americans.
There was a van filled with Mexicans illegally entering America!
by niggerh8er69 April 01, 2010
1. an ultramacroscopic (2 to 3 m in diameter), metabolically inert, infectious agent that replicates only within the country of living hosts, mainly the U.S.: composed of an RNA or DNA core, a protein coat, and, in more complex types, a surrounding envelope.
2. Informal. a human disease.
3. a corrupting influence on morals or the intellect; poison.
4. a segment of self-replicating sub-human planted illegally in a country, often to damage or shut down a system or network.
5. a virus
Jose the mexican will do anything for a buck, including licking the street.
by Jay_Dee63 March 27, 2007
A person of mexican descent (beaner), who can be usually found in their trailer. They usually roam in packs ranging from 5-46 most likely riding in the back of an old beat up low riding flat bed truck with plastic spinners from the local dollar store yelling "dude what the flip! Viva mehico!" in their stupid mexican accents. They are found wearing wife beaters and g-unit memmorabilla (bling).
Normal person: Why are you such a beaner?
Mexican (Usually named Juan, Jose, Julio, or JD): I don’t know man but you know that they have a new crunch wrap supreme at taco bell for 66 pesos! And then we might have enough pesos to hit up the dollar store and buy some tamales!
by Dekarius Dekarion Browning July 06, 2006

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