(verb) to be cheap and try to get out of something
Black person: Daniel, you can't mexican your way out of this!

Daniel: Damn it!
#asian #cheap #frugal #asian flea market #stingy #miser #scrooge #indian flea market
by billybobjoerocks April 27, 2009
Mexicans are a group of latinos who think they are better than everyone else, especialy other latinos! Mexicans (the most arrogant group of latinos) like to think that they are the best latinos, but there not and are looked down on by Cubans, Domicans, Boricuas and other latinos for giving us a bad name. A typical Mexican wears a bandana, white shirt and kaikis as they like to think they are "Cholo" (retarded gangster) though all Cholos do is sit on the portch and talk smack. Mexicans feel the need to attach their flag to everything they own as well as their last names or will own a picture of Che Guevara (a communist fuck who helped Fidel and Raul Castro take over Cuba and caused an unknown genocide of Cubans, hence the hatred by the Cubans) Mexicans are the only latinos who deny their Islamic heratige and tend to be Cathloic in general. Mexicans are the only latinos who will make racist comments about other latinos (e.g. calling us spics) Mexicans are seen as embarrasments by other most latinos.
Mexican: Hey ese, get off my turf you fucking spic. Cuban: Shut up maricon, like it or not your latino too you fucking pendejo. Cuban: I cant beleve that Mexican, he called me a spic! Boricua: Dont listen to that puto, you know they are all like that.
#sell out #ass #faggot #embarassment #puto
by Saudades April 12, 2009
A politically incorrect word, which is derogatory towards those who are from Mexico. This word alludes to filth, prostitution, drunkenness, drugs, and AIDS.
1: Hey, are you a Mexican?
2: No, I am a person of Mexico!
#mexico #dirt #nasty #filth #prostitution #aids #herpes #taco #burrito #shit #silly dog #taco bell #low rider #myspace
by ItalyIsFakeForSerious August 22, 2008
the person cutting your grass outside and also the guy who plays reggatone with the bass wayy too loud on their car

the girls are hott though
white guy minding his business:(reads newspaper)
mexican driving down the road: (plays reggatone on car too loud)
white guy: man that motherfucker!
#mexican #white guy #jew #hottest women #sexy #grass #oil change
by iaintnohataijushavinfun October 17, 2009
May refer to a type of bill on a coupon
Damn that Mexican Coupon!
#bill #mexico: the bill is born here #dammit #im #so #bad #y
by Zhenia August 05, 2007
1. an ultramacroscopic (2 to 3 m in diameter), metabolically inert, infectious agent that replicates only within the country of living hosts, mainly the U.S.: composed of an RNA or DNA core, a protein coat, and, in more complex types, a surrounding envelope.
2. Informal. a human disease.
3. a corrupting influence on morals or the intellect; poison.
4. a segment of self-replicating sub-human planted illegally in a country, often to damage or shut down a system or network.
5. a virus
Jose the mexican will do anything for a buck, including licking the street.
#virus #illegal alien #wetback #caveman #janitor
by Jay_Dee63 March 27, 2007
A true mexican is from mexico.. They are the people you see near the edge of a village. The children run out pick your pockets try to sell you thier 12 year old sister for one american dollar. Or they tell you " my mother suck donkey dick for two peso you watch her love donkey?" C senoir
Hey man lets go down to mexico and see a mexican donkey fuck.
#worm #smitch #yellow #darling #flower
by ed parks September 28, 2006
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