person who lives in Mexico: bean nigger. Also called a beaner. Well adapted for jumping fences and landscaping.
Person 1: yo soy Mexican.
Person 2: Tu eres un bean nigger?
by punkstyle03 June 16, 2008
a bunch of dirty beaners thinking their better then everyone else, only working because the jumped the border and are illegal in america and need to work their ass off.
Juan: "man i love being mexican."
Pablo: "your mexican?!"
Juan: "yeah i didn't ask to be mexican i just got lucky!"
by americanprideeee July 20, 2009
guy working on your roof or picking some kind of vegetable or fruit.
why were there only 40,000 mexicans in the alamo
they only had 2 cars.
by gretta booubville August 14, 2008
A guy who works at the Holiday Inn restaurant in Anaheim.
Hey mexican whats going on in the American Brasserie
by Noper October 22, 2007
a person who jumps the boarder
All those mexicans are jumping the boarder.
by son las October 31, 2006
Someone who was born in Mexico, and is typically found on the street corner, wanting to cut grass, build roofs, or paint, at relatively low prices.
Hey, go grab a couple of Mexicans and have them cut the grass so mom wont make us do it!
by K.K.P. April 11, 2010
A person of Aztec ancestry that:

1. Is proud to be Mexican
2. Is all about family
3. Likes tacos and pozole a toda madre (all to the mother for you white people)
4.Eats beens. (unlike all those whitewashed pochos)

5. Drinks tequila whenever possible
6. Does any job without complaining: cheaper, better, faster
7. Is or knows someone that's in a gang
8. Wears crocodile boots and belts
9.Is afraid of the "cucui" at a young age

10.Regards Pancho Villa and Zapata as their all time heroes
Josh: I heard Mexicans are great at holding awesome parties.
Jose: You bet your ass vato... you shoulda went to the last one... my tia got drunk an' barfed all over my primo Chuy
Josh: Thanks for the invite but I'd rather stick to my idea of "fun"...

*Aside:Damn Mexicans*
by alacran2121 November 24, 2009

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