Someone with a mixture of different blood which includes Spainish and Indian. One of the biggest reason's the United States hasn't burned up and gone to hell as of yet. They work the jobs that most "Americans" don't want to work. They are the only ones to actually try to get the American Dream. At the moment the Mexican race is fighting for equal rights in a country made up of a people that have come from immigrants that have decided that they don't want anyone else to migrate to the United States. Even though they're trying to do the same thing that many "Americans" great grandparents did. So in other words stop being spoiled little brats and think about other people then just yourself, because thanks to your past family your here and have wonderful opportunites, why not let a new generation come in and have the same opportunities that YOU were lucky to have been born too.
Mexican American the future of this country.
by Elie Romero April 01, 2008
1. A person with Mexican parents
2. A person who is a citizen of Mexico
Sam woods is a Mexican if i ever knew one!
by AMProduction December 17, 2007
Rather living in america or the garbage dump that is mexico, they are a small bodied race of people who by all common standards are poor, ignorant and lack any kind of real drive and motivation to be anything other than a carwash attendant or a churro vendor. the mexican man is known to have quite possibly the smallest penis of all races that including the asian race. The mexican woman on average(average being 95%-99%) of the time are complete imbeciles and can not do accuratley do a 5th grade arithmatic problem with any kind of adult accuracy. However they have mastered the american welfare and food stamp programs and as well live and die by the free medicare we offer here in the U.S. Also mexicans in america are a very jealous and dirty race known for their weak bodied and minded actions such as having to fight another race with a 5 to 1 odds.To see a mexican at his best go to the city of Van Nuys anytime during the day and you will see them in their run down toyotas with their overweight girls with about 3 to 4 kids if not more and that is the best possible life a mexican can ever achieve.
"Hey mom is that a mexican???... EEwwwww he does smell bad! Real bad! That mexican must never shower and thats odd because he's got on a brand new white t-shirt
by thatguy1980 November 04, 2011
1. A very nice person that is from or claims ancestry from mexico
2. What american idiots think illegal immigrants are
1. Hey do u see that dude with the coyote running over the border??

2. Sure do!

3. he is a Mexican!!!1

4. No dumb-ass!! he is an american police officer-catching them!!!!!!
by pk fr la November 28, 2007
A term for cramming people in the trunk of your car.
Yo theres no room for 8 people in my car. Lets mexican Joe and Tina.

Yo whos riding mexican?

We'll just mexican some people.
by corzlight July 12, 2009
1. A person who is born in Mexico; a citizen of Mexico.
2. A person who has ancestry or is ethnically from Mexico.
3. Arturo Chavarria (lmaoo i love you Arturo)
1 & 2. Taco Bell isnt authentic mexican food but its dayum good.
3. My bestfriend Arturo is the finest mexican in the whole wide world.
by Shannon aka Shay May 29, 2007
pseudo-Spanish language that the rest of the Spanish-speaking countries don't understand a word of it. No kidding, it's the truth, not even a word.
(I'm was born in Spain and my girl is from Chile and we both completely agree)
- where's your new friend from? have he come to Spain to learn Spanish?
- come on, he should speak Spanish perfectly cuz he's from Mexico, but I must admit I didn't understand anything he's said either.
- Ah, then you should've told me before that he was speaking mexican!
by FrankieHamish December 05, 2006
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