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A person who works hard for his/her money. Has good work ethics. Is from the country of mexico.
That lazy white piece of trash needs to learn how to work like a real man, like a mexican.

That man knows how to take care of business like a mexican

thank god we have a mexican with us now we can get something accomplished
by wilbur jakins March 18, 2006
One who thinks theyre cool so they trade expensive stuff in for cheap stuff.
Kevin- Dude did you hear Marco traded in madden 11 for madden 08

Matt- Yeah, what a mexican!
by RileyDarvel February 05, 2011
Mostly people who talk about how great thier country is even though they abandoned it to hop a boarder to the United States. Since most mexican's don't know what condoms are they reproduce like flies and their children think they are black for some reason running around using words such as "nigger". Also most mexicans are very small and often weak, even though they think they are hard. Sometimes though Mexican's can be good people, but there are less and less respectable mexican's every day
American: Then why are you in America? Mexico is further south Rico.
by Speaker of Truth011 July 10, 2008
An undermined race in the United States. Although, their reputation as illegal immigrants proceeds them, they are actually the back bone of California's agriculture.

Often stereotyped as lazy, they are in fact the opposite. All fruits and vegetables that you see in safeway are picked by mexican's and or other illegal immigrants. this allows farm owners cheap labor. without mexican's our economy in agriculture would die. Without mexicans, the prices of fruit would rise.

Caucasion families,(usually on welfare) will use prejudice against hardworking mexicans to compensate for the fact that they, themselves, do not make an honest living.
Bubba: Look at them damn mexicans crossing the street. hell, they takin' america like a disease!

Jason: well bubba, once you actually get a job and work, maybe you'll appreciate the fact that mexicans do all the dirty work in america that you're ass is too lazy to do.

Bubba: yous a got damn spic lover, yous.
by redzone1 November 09, 2008
Someone with a mixture of different blood which includes Spainish and Indian. One of the biggest reason's the United States hasn't burned up and gone to hell as of yet. They work the jobs that most "Americans" don't want to work. They are the only ones to actually try to get the American Dream. At the moment the Mexican race is fighting for equal rights in a country made up of a people that have come from immigrants that have decided that they don't want anyone else to migrate to the United States. Even though they're trying to do the same thing that many "Americans" great grandparents did. So in other words stop being spoiled little brats and think about other people then just yourself, because thanks to your past family your here and have wonderful opportunites, why not let a new generation come in and have the same opportunities that YOU were lucky to have been born too.
Mexican American the future of this country.
by Elie Romero April 01, 2008
1. A person with Mexican parents
2. A person who is a citizen of Mexico
Sam woods is a Mexican if i ever knew one!
by AMProduction December 17, 2007
The source of half of americas baby population
Whoa, that whitey just inserted a quarter into that mexican and 30 babies popped out!
by Babe Maker August 11, 2008