adjective describing inferior quality, something that lets you down yet makes you laugh because at least you're not that bad

Something that costs one quarter the price, but takes four times as long (or four times the number of people) to do; Paid by the hour, not paid by the task; not motivated by extra pay for completion of tasks, working slower to get more money by working longer (hourly wage earner). Communist: someone who thinks the State should provide for all.

Pseudo-American, Pseudo-Aztec, Pseudo-Spanish

Fools who undercut their own professions just to exist in a certain place, who live hand-to-mouth just to see tomorrow there, and who have way-to-many kids because they are Catholic (even though French-Canadians are Catholic, and they have a method of family planning which doesn't contradict their religious values and allows them to space their pregnancies and preplan their family size.)

People whose main concern is the banal aspects of life: food, drink, sex, and whom do not visit the library and read or try to get ahead in the white-man's world, illiterate and somehow smug about it, thinking perhaps whites are all ruthless, and mexicans are all care-bears
This is just mexican pizza because it is just a tortilla with ketchup and cut-up hot-dog wieners on it.

Don't buy the mexican weed, because even though it's cheaper to buy a bigger amount, it won't get you as high because it's of poorer quality.

Mexican oregano is not the same as regular oregano.

This new mexican economy car is made of clay; just don't drive it in the rain and you'll be fine.

Mexicans think their girls are 'ready' at age 14 (just like white people thought a hundred years ago) so that mexican Grandmother is forty years-old.
by lovescalifornia July 16, 2009
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Someone hailing or claiming ancestry from Mexico.
"The damn Mexicans stole my tires again."
by Wesley Durrance August 22, 2005
A person born in or has heritage in Mexico. It is not a race, it is a nationality. Like people from the U.S., they can have a variety of looks (i.e. blonde haired and blue eyed, dark haired and light eyed etc.) Not all Mexicans are dark skinned, dark haired and dark eyed. Like people from the U.S., Mexicans can have descent from the native people (i.e. Aztecs) and/or Europeans.
Person 1: Hey look at that American guy!

Person 2: What if he is Mexican?

Person 1: No he can't be! He's got blonde hair and blue eyes!

Person 2: Dude, Mexicans have all kinds of looks. Don't be ignorant.
by nonignorantperson October 27, 2010
A person who was born in Mexico or has parents who were, no matter their current citizenship.
Tommy was born in Cancun, Mexico, he is mexican.
by \m/SIRKA\m/ July 26, 2005
A person of nationality of the country of Mexico.

Contrary to popular misconception, "Mexican" is not a racial or ethnic group. Though the majority of Mexicans are Amerindians (pure-bloods and mixed-bloods "mestizos"), there are a substantial number of non-Indian Mexicans, such as the Spanish whites that are effectively the ruling class of the country, blacks, Jews, Arabs (Salma Hayek, telecom magnate Carlos Slim), etc.

A "Mexican-American" is a Mexican national in the U.S. Though the U.S. born children of Mexican immigrants usually claim to be "Mexican," this makes no more sense than U.S. born children of Canadian immigrants claiming to be Canadian.
Idiot: Uhm, Vicente Fox ain't brown; how's he former president of Mexico?

Mexican: /facepalm
by Agnapostate February 23, 2010
A person born in Mexico who has to take a lot of racist shit because a lot of people in the world are very ignorant, specially the americans (not everyone though).

Mexicans are common people like you: the gardener, the pool cleaner or the domestic worker are just social stereotypes.

Other stereotypes include the tequila drinker, the drug dealer or the big sombrero wearing guy which by the way are really hard to find here in México city

Not every mexican are poor, most of the mexicans tourist around the world have large accounts and México city is the second largest city in the world and the first one with museums.

Fajitas is not a traditional mexican food neither is Taco Bell.
In a bar in Madrid...

Italian: where are you from?
Mexican: I'm from México
Italian: No way!!! you are spanish or italian!!!
Mexican: Nope I´m from México
Italian: You don't look like a mexican
Mexican: How do mexicans look like?
Italian: Not like you
Mexican: I´m an average mexican guy
by lasfinisimas June 09, 2008
A Mexican is a person from Mexico, the only country south of the USA border (unless you count parts of Canada being under Alaska). It's a nationality and not a race. Mexicans can be of any race while most of them are a mix of Spanish and the Native people which explains why some Mexicans look like Native Americans.

Most Americans, including Mexican-Americans, are ignorant and think all hispanic people are Mexican and that all Mexicans are one race of people that spoke Spanish since the begining of time and before Christopher Colombus arrived. That obviously is not true.
That Mexican guy lives in Mexico and eats Mexican food.
by Ramon Mujica January 14, 2006
A person who was born in mexico
My friend is mexican, i'll go to mexico to visit him soon...
Mexico rulezz.
by Darkstarhell June 17, 2005
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