There are two type of mexicans.

1) They are productive people who come from or have family from the country of Mexico. They can fluently speak English and don't live off of welfare but pay taxes and have a legal source of income.

2) People whom live off welfare, work for pennies and do shitty work. Steal jobs from hard working Americans because they are paid less. Cannot speak English. A drain on American society. They believe Mexico is the greatest country in the world yet they live in America.
def. 1-Yeah I'm mexican...but I work my ass off for my money! Unfortunately not all mexicans are like me! (speaking english)

def. 2-Como esta? No habla englais? Me work 5dollars...all day. You like?
by A man whom walks through hell October 18, 2008
Probably the only term that is used to classify all hispanics living in america by dumbasses.
Brian: Wow check out that hot Mexican babe Johnny!

Johnny: Um, shes not from Mexico. Shes from Puerto Rico.
by Clm850 March 27, 2008
A person of Mexican ancestry.

There are two types of Mexicans;

The Brown Ones (Beaners): Looked down upon by middle or upper-class white mexicans in Mexico, these usually end up moving to the United States because they are rejected by society in Mexico often being called a dirty native.

The White Mexicans: Mexicans with light skin and light eyes often live in the middle or upper class suburbs segregated from the natives who live in the slums in shacks. These usually stay in Mexico.
Me and my sister in a mall in Mexico:

Me: "Do you see those brown mexicans behind us?"
Sister: "Yeah, maybe they want to carry our bags..."
Me:"...or steal from us"
Sister:"You are sooo mean, we should just be greatful."
by sdge July 29, 2007
Word used by ignorant people to refer to the Spanish language.
Slow down Jorge, I can't understand you when you speak mexican.
by Bumblebee Tuna June 05, 2005
My boyfriend who is a realy sexy mexican loving caring good looking sweet and realy loveable and is proud to be a mexican and proud to talk about his motherland just like italians(i'm italian)
Look at my sexy mexican hes so gourgous and his mother cooks good mexican food and his very hottt blooded!!!
by Alessandra3789 August 23, 2008
1: A person of Mexican heritage.

2: What certain idiots call any Hispanic in the United States or Mexico. Note this is illogical, as there are Spanish people too, therefore identifying American bigotry and emphasizing it, in a way similar to calling Iraq the "Middle East."
Racist: "Go back to Mexico where you belong, Mexican!"
Response: "I'm from Spain."
Alternate Response: *ignores*
by Yaarp Chang December 10, 2006
the location of possibly the hottest pilgrims for world youth day, the people who australian pilgrim wanted to know
oz pilgrim1: hey did you see those mexicans?

oz pilgrim2: yeh, i know where im going after the HSC
by the truth, you know it September 07, 2008
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