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1. someone who was born in mwxico
2. someone whos ancestors where 50% spanish and aztec

stereotype breaker: not all mexicans are short though some are yet few reach over 6 feet. i am 100% mexican and i own a ps3 3 TVs and computers with comcast and live in a 2 bathroom 3 bedroom house. most the spanish i speak is what i learned in spnaish class witch isnt much but my mom can speak spanish but usually speaks english my dads spanish kinda sucks
i was born in america and so where my parents and 2 of my grandparents. my 2 grandparents who were born in mexico where came to america legally. i eat beans like three times a month and i have 1 asian friend and 1 white friend, i am not a gangsta and dont use mexican slang like greengo/holmes either and i have a 3.3 GPA. all these things are actually every day things in fresno (where i live) and are not unusual at all here.


if you where me i'd like you to consider what it feels like to read these racist defenitions and think people actually believe them BTW im a nice guy and im sure if you knew me youd like me
1. i was born in mexico thus i am mexican.

2. my ancestors where from mexico thus i am mexican.
by watzitoya August 01, 2008
language spoken by a large majority of Latino peoples. Also known as Spanish
"Dude, do you speak English? I don't know Mexican."
by Little Antonio April 14, 2010
Anyone south of the USA. Their all the same. Anyone in the USA born of Mexican parents. One can be identified by their dark skin, lack of education, etc.

Note: Mexicans do NOT speak Spanish. Spanish is a beautiful romance language from the nation of Spain. Mexicans speak an adulterated version of the language.
"I hired 4 mexicans to mow my lawn"
by fjkghfjkgh December 12, 2007
Any person of ibero-american heritage who speaks spanish in america.
dude 1: "That cleaning lady is a fucking mexican!"
dude 2: "No, she's from puerto rico."
dude 1: "Exactly!"
by Alex "AC" June 19, 2006
1:someone who has hopped a border

2:ur gardener

3: the subject of most Carlos Mencia jokes
Mow my lawn you mexican
by me duh March 12, 2008
1. The answer to a math problem.
2. Someone who crosses the border illegally and works for lower than minimum wage.
3. A hardcore "holmes" who roams his habitat of western California robbing people and holding his gun sideways. Also calls people "holmes" and "eses" a little too much.
EX 1: Question: If José mows the lawn at 10 square feet a minute and earns 10 cents, what is he?
Answer: Mexican

EX 2: Hey man, Sanchez is such a Mexican. He mows lawns for 10 cents and crossed the border in a volkswagon with 25 other guys while the border patrol was sleeping.

EX 3: That guy is so Mexican, he just said he would shoot me while holding his gun sideways and kept calling me holmes.
by reg chapman November 21, 2006
Proof that indians had sex with buffaloes.
Mexicans can't help but to smell bad because they are part buffalo.
by guido#24 August 03, 2009
An Indian-American slang word for the female reproductive organ, the vagina sometimes wearing a sombrero (often used in abreviation, vag). Also can be used to describe very unattractive girls that guys use purely for the purpose of them having a vagina.
1. "Wow that girl is a walking vag." "Yea she is such a mexican"

2. "How did his penis taste?" "You can ask my MEXICAN how it tastes."