Mexicans is the word used to describe a bunch of people with Mexican decent together.
If there is one Mexican, it is pronounce Mexican, if two Mexican people are present, it is pronounce Mexicans.
by Zechlo December 02, 2007
a Mexican is a person who has mexican heritage or was born in Mexico. A Mexican is a Mexican when people call us hispanics, latinos, or chicanos we dont want to be rocognized as that because were MEXICAN. We are different cultures and place so to be recognized as MEXICAN is the way to go. Arriva Mexico!!
My parents are from Guanajuato, Mexico so they are Mexican.
by Saul Galvan September 25, 2007
Slang spanish that is used by most americans that try to speak spanish. Also considered one of the official languages of La Jolla and Mexico. used by putting an O after english words.NOT SPANISH
1.ESEAWAY MY NIGGA wanto a taco, por favor.

3.DA FUQ?!

4.yo bitcho, suko diko now-o

5.Teacher:Mexican is not a language!
student: oh yeah! then what the hell do they speak in Mexico!
student:then da fuq am i speako-ing?!
by yo no entiendo May 19, 2012
1. The opposite of mexicant
2. A person of mexican heritage that is good at what he does
3. Danny Trejo (Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Machete)
Danny Trejo is the most badass mexi-can of all time
by RyanJ. June 13, 2007
An Australianism or Aussieism for anyone that lives south of the boarder to Queensland
Especially if they have moved to Queensland.
The bloody Mexicans are moving up here and driving our housing prices up.
by Woohzal March 11, 2008
The following are examples of outstanding mexican people:

Thalia, singer
RDB, rock band
George Lopez, comedian
Paulina Rubio, singer
Salma Hayek, actress
Luis Miguel, performer
Luis Mandoki, TV and film director
Lalo Alcaraz, cartoonist
Juan Gabriel, artist
Kuno Becker, actor
Demian Bichir, actor
Carmen Salinas, TV host

Are there any mexican chefs? There are certainly lots of cooks.
by MarcelGarnierd February 21, 2008
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