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When more than 1 1/2 times as many people as intended (rounded down) try to fit into a car. example: 5 people in a 3 seat car, 8 people in a 5 seat car, etc.
1: Dude, we crammed 9 people in my Jeep. We did a total Mexican Taxi.

2: Hey, get the fuck outta my car. This aint no mexican taxi.
by Anti January 01, 2005
a paddywagon. it picks up and carries large amounts Mexicans to where they usually end up going...which is jail
Da'rryl: What kind of taxi picks up Mexican?

Mike: I dont know

Da'rryl: The mexican taxi aka the paddywagon
by DR. DISTRUCTO April 14, 2011
Ice cream cart (2 big wheels ) push by hand (hold 3 hombres)
by using mexican taxi we don't worry about US border patrol man.

Hay! senior better ride than under diesel truck NO!

also shanks mare takes longer get to LA
by itichie_nocanpo July 02, 2006
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