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doing something half assed
showed up to work mexican style, didnt get paid.
by Winchesterma June 02, 2009
A sexual act wherein the male participant mounts the female from behind while wearing a sombrero, firing a pistol into the air, occasionally swigging from a half-full bottle of tequila, and yelling "Yi-yi-yi-yi-yi! Ah-haaaaaaa!" at the top of his lungs.
Danny: Dude, I got thrown out of my house last night.
Joe: What happened?
Danny: My wife caught me doing the neighbor Mexican style. I thought we were being quiet enough to avoid getting caught.
Joe: Maybe next time you should try rabbit style, Grasshopper!
by Tracer Tee September 09, 2010
1. When there is a lot of something.
2. when it is very crowded or over populated.
1. I saw 50 people waiting in front of the home depot for work, it was MEXICAN STYLE!
2. The welfare office was MEXICAN STYLE, it was a three hour wait!
by Rob G........ July 02, 2007
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