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Alternate to traditional shower. Spraying some air freshener vertically over your head and letting the mist fall on your body/clothes for quick, easy and cheap oder destruction.
Drew rolled out of bed realizing he was late for class, and grabbed the fabreez for a quick mexican shower.
by the D. November 19, 2009
To strip naked in a public washroom and proceed to wash yourself with toilet water, using a urinal mint as soap.
Don't go in the washroom, there is some guy having a mexican shower.
by Reemo December 05, 2006
When one doesn't take a shower, but drenches themselves in cologne instead.
I didn't have time for a shower today, so i grabbed my Axe and took a Mexican shower.
by achristianrabbi December 08, 2007
When your too busy to shower so you take a wash cloth and clean your balls/ass, armpits and face (in that order).
Pinchi Juan must have taken a mexican shower because he smells like shit.
by DOSUno November 21, 2009
The act of cleansing oneself in a public batrhoom. Typically this is done by removing the shirt and splashing water on the underarm and using liquid hand soap to get rid of a day's worth of sweat.
Dude, did you see that guy taking a Mexican Shower at the gas station? He must have been trying to clean up after a day of landscaping on his way to his job cleaning dishes at the taqueria!
by J-Grabs September 22, 2006
when you have rejected to shower and instead showered yourself in Cologne so you can cover up the smell of your body
that Guido obviously took a mexican shower today, the kid smells like a five year old hooker
by thaboiacrossthastreet November 09, 2009
A quick spraying of a cheap cologne or a fast swipe of deodorant to mask the smell of one's body odor. Also related to a Pirate Bath.
I smelled real bad, but I didn't have time to take a real shower, so I had to take a Mexican Shower instead.

I think he just took a Mexican Shower, because as soon as I got close all I could smell was stank.
by PattyBadFingers September 30, 2009