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To strip naked in a public washroom and proceed to wash yourself with toilet water, using a urinal mint as soap.
Don't go in the washroom, there is some guy having a mexican shower.
by Reemo December 05, 2006
When one doesn't take a shower, but drenches themselves in cologne instead.
I didn't have time for a shower today, so i grabbed my Axe and took a Mexican shower.
by achristianrabbi December 08, 2007
When your too busy to shower so you take a wash cloth and clean your balls/ass, armpits and face (in that order).
Pinchi Juan must have taken a mexican shower because he smells like shit.
by DOSUno November 21, 2009
when you have rejected to shower and instead showered yourself in Cologne so you can cover up the smell of your body
that Guido obviously took a mexican shower today, the kid smells like a five year old hooker
by thaboiacrossthastreet November 09, 2009
The act of cleansing oneself in a public batrhoom. Typically this is done by removing the shirt and splashing water on the underarm and using liquid hand soap to get rid of a day's worth of sweat.
Dude, did you see that guy taking a Mexican Shower at the gas station? He must have been trying to clean up after a day of landscaping on his way to his job cleaning dishes at the taqueria!
by J-Grabs September 22, 2006
When you don't have enough time for a shower and you just use deoderant to cover the smell.
Daniel: Man i as in such a hurry this morning so i just had a Mexican shower
by Icle Spillane November 13, 2009
A quick spraying of a cheap cologne or a fast swipe of deodorant to mask the smell of one's body odor. Also related to a Pirate Bath.
I smelled real bad, but I didn't have time to take a real shower, so I had to take a Mexican Shower instead.

I think he just took a Mexican Shower, because as soon as I got close all I could smell was stank.
by PattyBadFingers September 30, 2009
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