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when a car has a seat in the middle of the front row between the drives seat and shotgun.
A: "miguel I call shotgun in your gardening truck.

B: ok fernando, I call mexican shotgun.
by smcforlife October 10, 2004
After eating a large amount of Spanish food and while life is fine and dandy you get the "Oh, no" face. And abruptly leaving the table, running to the restroom. Making it to the restroom gliding across the floor as to not have any impact. Once in the stall, you fumble with the pants forgetting how to unbuckle pants as if it were the most impossible task.
Great Success.
Then taking pants and underpants off at same time, once they hit knee area, fully expecting to make it to ankles. But unexpectedly once at the knees, your poor lack of timing causes your tightened sphincter muscles to release. Your only course of action at this point is to attempt sitting before your poop spray coats the walls. But alas, it is too late. There is now a shotgun blast of poop starting on the walls waist level leading to inside the toilet bowl. You continue to finish all of your amazingness into the toilet. After the sweaty unfortunate event, you wipe up your butt as opposed to your neighbors, picking up your pants and leaving the restroom in shame. Anyone else entering the restroom will know that the last person to use this stall was the victim of a mexican shotgun.
I totally Mexican Shotgunned the Denny's bathroom. There were no survivors.
#mexican #shotgun #poop #diarrhea #feces
by TheRealMascot January 10, 2015
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